Metallic Lip Kit Review || Barry M Matte Me Up

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I really need to get better at uploading more frequent beauty posts because I really do love writing them. Once I’m back at 6th form I’ll have a solid schedule again so I can fit my blog posts in around that. Anyway today I thought we’d talk about the Metallic lip kit’s by Barry M. I brought this when it was roughly new out and thought it was about time I put my review up.


The shade I picked up is Allure, it’s a really pretty dark pink almost purple shade. In the tube it really does look metallic. I love the thin, minimal packaging that this product comes in, the box is recyclable too which I think is important for the beauty community. The lip liner shade matches up well although I do feel the shade is a little more berry toned. I brought the kit for £6.99 from Superdrug meaning that the Liner and Liquid Lipstick are about £3.50 each. That’s a pretty cheap price so I wasn’t expecting to much from the quality, however I do really like some of Berry M’s cheap nail polishes so I was still hopeful.


The lip liner applies well, it’s almost a little two dense though as I feel like I’m forcing it onto my lips but it works so I shouldn’t complain to much. The lipstick itself has given me mixed opinions. On one hand, it dries down into a really pretty shade that I enjoy wearing. However, when you apply it the formula is very watery and it takes a few coats to layer it up. This means that it feels quite heavy on the lips. I don’t find it as drying as some products I’ve tried and for a drugstore liquid lipstick I’d say it’s pretty good.

Overall, I don’t think this is a bad product and would likely use it again. Of course it is a metallic shade which means it’s a little too extra for everyday use but I’m sure I can find a time to wear it. I won’t be buying it in any other metallic shades as I don’t think I’ll get much usage out of it. Although I am curious to try the standard matte me up Barry M lip kits!

What drugstore lip kits do you like using? Let me know below.

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