Long Distance Relationships Pros & Cons || 2nd Edition

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve been loving spending so much time with Haydn over summer! For now we’re just a normal couple but I know that we’ll be long distance again pretty soon. I thought I’d share another list of LDR pros and cons with you all as I had so much fun writing the first one. If you haven’t yet read the first one then HERE is a link. I’m sure lots of you will be able to relate to this and if you’re not in an LDR then it’s probably still going to be a good insight.

  • Pro – Any date night is romantic. I’d argue that you go on more dates but maybe that’s just me and Haydn in comparison to our friend but either way a normal couples night in becomes so romantic and cherished. It’s just another night of Netflix’s to most couples but if you’re in a long distance relationship these are the nights you crave and dream of.
  • Con – Trying to balance everything is pretty tough work. Work, School, Family and Friends can be hard enough to juggle all at once but throwing a long distance relationship into the mix makes it feel like you’re always missing out on something. It can be hard to live a stress free life when you’ve got so much going on.
  • Pro – Sending each other cute gifts/letters in the mail. I guess any couple could do this but I think it’s more common for LDR couples. Receiving a hand written letter from Haydn makes me stupidly happy. Whether it’s a heart warming love letter or just to say hi unexpected surprises in the post are the greatest.
  • Con – Missing big events. Since we’ve been together we’ve been lucky enough to celebrate every birthday together but there are still thinks I wish I could have been there for. Haydn’s races being one of them, I’d love to support him for every single one but I just can’t. It’s hard to show your support from miles away and celebrating together over a dodgy WiFi connection is even harder.
  • Pro – you end up knowing so much about each other. Talking about your childhood, favourite memories, all the hopes and dreams you have is easily mixed into a conversation. This means you know your partner so so well despite what anyone else will say.
  • Con – people constantly doubt the relationship. Having to deal with the nasty comments people make is something I’ve had to deal with quite a bit. I’d say that it happens more in school than anywhere else, but either way listening to other people undermine your relationship is a pretty difficult thing to do especially when you’re already dealing with missing your partner.
  • Pro – Nothing beats that giddy feeling of reuniting again. Sitting alone of public transport would mostly be seen as a con but when you throw it that feeling of pure excitement and the anticipation of seeing your loved one again can’t be beaten.
  • Con – Emotional songs can really hit you. The sad romance songs can really hit like a tidal wave if you’re not prepared. I’ve even had cute romance songs bring me to tears because they remind me of Haydn to much. I’m sure you can relate!
  • Pro – Your phone accidentally gets filled with cute couples selfies. I’m not even exaggerating when I say a good 80% of my camera roll is me and Haydn. When you have limited time with someone you want to capture as many moments as you can so during the moments you are apart you can submerge yourself in past happiness. Similar to they way you’d take 100 pictures of the beach whilst on holiday.
  • Con – Needing comfort when there not around.  Bad news isn’t timed to only happen when you’re together which can mean that sometimes you can have to over come sadness alone even though you really just want a cuddle from them. It’s just difficult to not have them there when you need comforting.

I hope you guys liked the second edition of this little pros and cons list. Share a pro and con you can think of in the comments below!




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