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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I think it’s time to face the fact that summer is almost over, honestly it doesn’t really feel like it even came but seeing as school starts again soon you can’t deny that Autumn is on it’s way. Similar to posts where I’ve talked about my day this post is going to be like a recap of my summer. If you don’t enjoy reading ‘vlog’ style posts then don’t worry I’ll be back with something makeup related at the weekend.

I can honestly say that this has been one of the best summers ever. I’m sure a lot of you will have expected that because luckily for me I was able to spend pretty much the whole six weeks with Haydn – my long distance boyfriend. We’ve made a point of doing something every weekend to ensure that we make the most of my time off school and his days off work.

WEEK 1 22nd – 28th:

To kick of the summer we went to play lazer tag and bowling with his siblings, their partners and his nephew. I had no idea I’d get so competitive when playing lazer tag but it really was fun! Even if nearly all of us were adults. I’m awful at bowling and actually found it pretty embarrassing to have everyone watching me… I know I’m such a weirdo but it really was a confidence crisis! I mean I did enjoy it but it wasn’t the best part of summer.

That same week was Haydn’s sisters graduation and we were all lucky enough to celebrate along with her! I’d never been to a graduation before so it was cool to see what it was all about and of course it was great to share such a special day with Haydn’s family.

The final event of that week was particular exciting for Haydn as he turned 18! I’m so glad I was able to be there on this occasion as even though we just went for a family meal it was important milestone in Haydn’s life! Of course I wasn’t able to go out to the Casino or Clubs but I was still happy to be around.


Week 2 29thth-4th:

On Sunday 30th July we took Haydn’s new car out for a mini road trip to Otley Chevin. It’s this really pretty country park that has some amazing view points across the country side. Exploring the area together was relaxing and for the most part we were the only two people around, making it feel like the world was ours.

During this week we both travelled back to my home town in order to attend my Auntie’s wedding. We got to dress up nice which was great because Haydn looked incredible and together we looked all fancy – even if I do say so myself. The wedding itself was so stunning, a beauty and the beast theme was hinted throughout but not in a tacky kind of way, it was subtle allowing the traditional elements to remain classy. Best of all one of the groomsmen made a speech from FRIENDS they did the theme tune which mostly everyone was able to get and then continued to do the speech Joey joked on doing when marrying Chandler and Monica (giving, receiving, sharing and giving etc…)

On the 4th August Haydn planned me a surprise date day. I’ve done a full post on that here so I won’t go into to much detail. But in brief – We took the train to Poole and then got a boat across the Brownsea island where we spent the day wondering around and getting lost on the little island.


Week 3 5th – 11th: 

Haydn had to travel back to Leeds on the Sunday before and so the start of this week was spent with my friends back home. I had a group of friends over and we played some classic Wii Sports, before heading over to the shops where of course I found myself makeup shopping with a girlpal. The day before I travelled back up north I decided to chill at one of my closest friends house. Between us we are most likely the two laziest girls you could so we made oven pizza and watched Netflix’s for the most part of the day.

I travelled back to Leeds on the Thursday. On the Friday night Haydn went for a night out with his work and so I spent the night at his sisters new house as we were having a BBQ/house warming party their the following day.

Week 4 12th – 18th:

To start the week Haydn and I drove to Malham Cove as we’ve been wanting to go there for ages and have said that we would once we got a car. I’ve done another full post on this day to which you can read here. In short it was the most perfect day. I wish moments like that could last forever. In the hours we spent their together, hand in hand talking about nothing in particular where hours I will replay in my head for months to come when we are apart and I feel lonely. It was perfect.

The rest of the weekday’s were spent with Haydn working during the day, me cracking on with school work. But no matter what we’d end the day by cuddling up into bed at night and falling asleep side by side. Trust me on this one but for a long distance couple nights like this can never be taken for granted even if we did have 6 weeks worth.


Week 5 19th – 25th:

I had a pretty fun start to the week because on Saturday the 19th Haydn and I drove to Flamingo Land. We met up with his eldest sister, her fiance and Haydn’s Niece. Flamingo Land is a theme park and a Zoo all in one park. Which made it perfect for all of us as we could easily entertain all the ages that were there. Quite a few of the rides are extreme roller coasters like Hero, Kumali, Velocity and my personal favourite Mumbo Jumbo.

The Friday was a shopping day as I had gotten my last pay check. I’d had my eye on a few products and was finally able to pick them up. Leeds city center is amazing because it literally has every shop I could ever need including a Fuel juice bar which I’m all about.


Week 6 26th – 1st:

This was the most action packed week of the entire summer because of the bank holiday Monday which meant Haydn had more time off work. On the Friday night we stayed at his sisters new house again and the following morning we drove to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The Zoo was pretty cool and we got to see lots of animals including some very cute baby Baboons.

The Sunday was date night so we headed into town to enjoy a fancy meal at BiBi’s. This is a very fancy Italian restaurant that served up an amazing Lasagna for Haydn and a very yummy carbonara for me. The meal was great but it was a bank holiday weekend so a lot of people were out in town which meant the restaurant was quite loud and not ideal for enjoying some quality conversation together.

Monday was our adventure day seeing as Haydn had it off. We drove over to place we hadn’t even heard off until the day before. Hemsworth water park and playworld. I wouldn’t class it as a water park because it doesn’t have water slides or anything like that it’s basically just a nice lake with some sandy shores where families can go to let their kids play and swim in the lake. Haydn and I went because you can rent peddle boats on the lake and we thought that would be good fun. Which it definitely was! We enjoyed a picnic by the water and then rented a little peddle boat which we peddled around the  lake for a while before driving to one of his sisters house for dinner and then a late afternoon walk.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my summer blog. Congrats if you made it this far honestly! I just wanted to upload this blog so I can always reminisce on the amazing summer I have spent up north. I should mention that Haydn has 3 sisters and that’s why they have come up a lot! I go home on Sunday and of course I’m so sad to be leaving. I know that Haydn and I can make the distance work.





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