Rainbow Highlighter?! Review || Unicorn Hearts By I Heart Makeup

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? If you read my last blog post – New Makeup || September 2017 – then you’ll have seen I went a bit highlighter mad and picked up a rainbow highlighter by I Heart Makeup (Makeup Revolution). I’m determined to make this work so today I’ll be giving you a review as well as showing you what it looks like on the skin. Let’s get started.


We’ve got to address how fricking cute this packaging is! The holographic detailing looks incredible against this white heart background. The heart box is also very cute but I must say not great for travelling as it’s quite bulky. The packaging is very very similar to what Too Faced use’s for some of their products although this isn’t a dupe for any of their products. I think a lot of people will pick this up for the novelty of it, as it’s a fun piece to add to your collection. The little pan that contains the product isn’t very securely in the box and I feel that if you dropped it or shake it around then it might fall out. This could just be the case for the one I picked up but my Goddess of Love highlight has the same packaging and the same problem. Honestly though I’m not going to bash the packaging because it is just the cutest thing EVER. I love it.

The product itself is a baked rainbow highlighter made up of five different colours: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink.


As you can see from the swatches above this is a VERY VERY glittery product. I do like a blinding highlight but I think this might even be a little bit to much for me. The formula feels super soft to touch and surprisingly not clumpy. The photo above is taken with a flash so you can really see how the pigmentation reflects colour. All of these shades are quite bright and adventurous which is why I think I’ll get basically no use out of this. Perhaps people who go to festivals or concerts regularly would get a bit more use out of something like this?

I really wanted to make this work so I put my base makeup on, some eyebrows and mascara to give this a little test. I started by swirling my brush across all of the colours and then applied it to the tops of my cheek bones and slightly up towards for eyebrow.


Ignoring my awful eyebrows you can see that the highlight has a very grey undertone with a lot of blue/green over the top. If you like that kinda look then cool but for me I think this makes me look quite ill. I hate that the pink and yellow haven’t shown up at all.

On the other side of my face I decided to add a mix of just the pink and yellow. I applied it again to the tops of my cheek bone and up towards my eyebrow.


This looks a little bit better on camera but it still had a very grey undertone in reality which I don’t like. I also found it really hard to blend this out as it’s just so glittery. To be positive this product doesn’t show much texture which is rare on my skin. I really don’t like how this looks though so won’t be reaching for it over all. I wish the undertones were a lot lighter and brighter to give more of that magical unicorn effect.

Overall this is a cute product in some pretty cool packaging. I’m glad I decided to add it into my collection but I don’t see myself ever reaching for this product because of the grey undertone which makes me look quite ill. I might try and get my brush into just a single shade but I’m still doubtful. Unfortunately this product is a miss for me.


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