New Blogger? || Tips & Advice

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve been blogging for a little while now and whilst I’m definitely not an expert, the last 9 months have taught be a few things about running a blog. I thought I’d share some of the Tips and Advice I have for new bloggers and people who want to start a blog. This is not supposed to be bashing new bloggers in anyway so please don’t take offence – I’m still pretty new to this. Anyway let’s get into this!

  1. Make sure your site looks complete before starting to post! If there’s one pet peeve I have with new bloggers is when their sites still have some of the default text and widgets. I think this mostly comes from creating the blog on a mobile phone as opposed to a proper laptop or computer. Please check your blog as a viewer before uploading to it so you know exactly how it will look for everyone else.
  2. Know what content you want to upload.  Uploading regularly is important for anyone wanting use social media to appeal to the public. If you’re bored of the content you’re writing then everyone else is bored to. Have a main objective or topic for each post to help you stay focused.
  3. Keep your audience engaged. The way you write your blog should be unique to you and show some personality. Content with personality is so much more engaging. Try to include pictures in all your content as it’ll be much more appealing to readers. Another good way to keep readers reading is to write about 500-1000 words. I rarely go above this as I don’t want people getting bored.
  4. Remember that the first 100 followers are the hardest. Whilst I do believe you shouldn’t start a blog if you just want to gain a following I do know that having a lot of followers is important. (I don’t consider myself to have a lot but don’t mind as I love writing and uploading my content). The first 100 followers really are the hardest to gain. Consider that you’re learning window as during this time you can learn what you want to blog about as well as how to get your site seen.

I hope you’ve found these four quick tips helpful! If you are wanting some more advice you can always message me using the contact page for more support.


36 thoughts on “New Blogger? || Tips & Advice

  1. Of all my most recent blog attempts, I have never been able to get to 100 followers; even months later. I hope that I can get there though; because I feel it’ll represent not just a building of community but also a display of effort, consistency and motivation.

    On another note, that’s a great point about making sure your site is complete; of course it will grow and improve over the years but when you click on an “about tab” and it has that default text…kind of offsetting sometimes.

    ~ Bree

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  2. These are awesome tips! I’m a new blogger myself and I just recently reached 100 followers so I’m glad those are the hardest! Thanks for sharing ❤️

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  3. I really appreciate these tips considering I’ve just joined WordPress. If it isn’t too much trouble though, could you give me a feedback for my feed? I’d understand if you can’t though. Thanks for your time 😄

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  4. I could use some advice on my blog. I seem to be heading in the right direction but feel like something is missing? My blog is a journal for all of my art adventures but I have tons of projects and the current one is a book. I want to feel and look of a journal. Right now I don’t have a static page. I wonder if I should have one. Any advice on making my blog more user friendly? Thanks.

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