A Very Special Date Night || LDR Care package

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? As I’m typing this I’m grinning with happiness because today a very exciting package arrived. A little over a month ago Haydn and I won a competition which meant we’d be receiving a ‘Date Night’ box from LDR Care Package. We’ve both received one so I thought I’d give you an overview of whats in the box and my opinion. Let’s get into this!

The goody box


I thought I’d start by showing you a little overview of everything inside my box! The theme for this box is ‘LDR MOVIE DATE NIGHT’ which sounds like the company is playing it a little safe but then this is the first box in the ‘date night package’ collection so I think it’s a really great place to start. I’ve got to say I’m loving the overall look and idea behind this box. What can I say, I’m a sucker for all this cute crap.

LDR Care Package

The contents:

  • Popcorn box with 2x mini popcorn packets (Sweet and Toffee)
  • Coca Cola cup filled with 6x sweets (Crunchie, Double Decker, Toffee Crisp, Oreas, Millions and a Mega Pencil)
  • A cute little game inside the envelope’s (Sort of like the head bands board game but with movie stars)
  • A Movie Night themed napkin
  • Scratch Card (to win things from the LDR care package website)
  • ‘Key to my heart’ padlock gift

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures above this little box is PACKED with goodies – mostly food but I’m not complaining.


My overall opinion on this box is kinda mixed. So let’s start with the positives. This is a really cute box to receive, the theme is nice and the little gifts fit well. I liked the mini popcorn packet’s and little cardboard cup to empty them into. The little lock keepsake is a nice addition too but I only think this works for female recipient’s as Haydn wasn’t a fan. The game inside the envelope seemed cool and was quite an innovative idea to bring to your Skype call but I didn’t know any of the 4 stars Haydn and I got between us so we wouldn’t have been able to play. Knowing I was receiving this probably took away from the excitement; obviously that isn’t fault of the company and in no way am I ungrateful for what I’ve received.

For £15.99 they’re a little bit pricey but it’s convenient and sweet especially to send to your long distance love as a surprise. I don’t think they’re over priced as the theme and additional goodies make it worth it for me. I guess overall I’d rate this a 3.5/5 starts because the sweets and little gift was great but the game didn’t really work for us so we were missing one of the components. Although, after saying my negatives (and probably seeming very ungrateful – Sorry) I’ve got to admit this did make my day and I’d 100% recommend buying this as a surprise for your LDR partner.

Please check out LDR Care Packages HERE! Or visit their Instagram @LDRCAREPACKAGE



11 thoughts on “A Very Special Date Night || LDR Care package

  1. This is the best thing I ever seen. As someone who is experiencing Ldr, you guys are definitely the best. I would love to hear your opinion for my post too xxx thank you 🙏🏻 and keep posting ❤️

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