Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss || Review & Testing

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I thought today I would review my brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss. I have to thank my friend Jess for getting this for me whilst she was away in America, I have the cutest friends! I’m also extra excited about this as it’s the first High-End lip product I’ve owned. Before I get carried away let’s get into this.


I love the packaging that this product came in; the box just looks so sleek and classy. I love it. Another nice thing is that the packaging is very minimal and can be recycled, which is a nice environmentally friendly touch. The product itself is quite weighty which gives it the High-End feel that Anastasia is known for. Although I wish the logo had been embossed on the top of the Lip Gloss because I feel that the writing on the side of the tube might scratch of in my makeup bag which will mean it loses that classy vibe. The shade name is Metallic Rose and the product is $16 on the ABH website.


I’m shocked by how much I like the colour if I’m honest. I usually go for a matte lip but over summer I started playing with a few more adventurous shades. I think this product is the perfect level of playing it safe with an everyday shade yet it has that metallic finish making it a little bit extra. I’d say it’s quite a deep pink shade with flecks of  silver glitter mixed into the formula. My only worry is that it’ll be a tacky/grainy feeling product because it is a lip gloss with glitter in it so I think that’s standard.

ABH Lip Gloss

Above you can see the product on my lips and I’ve got to say I love the way this looks on my lips. I feel like it must have a plumbing agent in it or the colour just compliments my lips well as I feel as though my lips look fuller and more plumbed than usual. I don’t think I would call this a metallic finish but it definitely has some sparkle in it that glitters in some lighting. As much as I love how this looks there are some negatives that I really need to discuss. Firstly, as I suspected it’s a really sticky substance, it does dry down but not fully and I do feel like it keeps some of that stickiness. As the product wears off during the day the colour seems to go first leaving silver glitter specs all over your lips – not always the look I’m going for. Another thing that is quite disappointing is that the glitter does feel quite grainy on the lips.


Overall, I do think the packaging is incredibly well designed and I can see why people get obsessed with High-End brands. I love the colour and like how it looks on my lips. I just don’t love the way it feels or the way it words. I’m quite conflicted by this product meaning I’m not sure if I like it or love it. I definitely don’t hate it but because of the stickiness I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be using this gloss.

Have you tried any high end lip products? What do you recommend? Comment down below!


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