Soph X Revolution || 3 Looks 1 Palette

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Since receiving the Soph X Revolution Palette at the start of the week I cannot stop using it. Seeing as I’ve been loving it so much I thought I’d show you some of the looks I’ve been playing around with lately. All these looks can be created using only this palette. So let’s get into this! (As a side note I took my photos at sunset which was not a smart choice as lighting wasn’t great but I’m lazy and didn’t want to redo my looks)

Look 1:IMG_8202

First up I’ve got this really cute ‘natural brown smokey’ look. This is such a simple look to recreate and by putting a little shimmer on the center of the lid and darkening the outer corner you can make this into a night time look in seconds. The shades I used were: Pug, Rosewood, Mug Cake and Fairy lights. I like this as an everyday look that you can quickly throw together in like 3 minutes.

Look 2:

I hate my face in this photo but aside from that… This warm tone red/gold look has been one of my favourites since summer. Now that it’s Autumn time I’m going to turn up the burgundy and rock this look daily. I’ll admit I much prefer to create this look using the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette as there are a lot of warm tone red/pinks to really go all out. But as you can see this look can be created from the Soph palette and here’s the colours to use: Pug, Peaches, Strawberry Sweets/Pumpkin, Danger (for a darker look) and finally Sparks Fly on the lid.  This is a little too heavy for most people’s everyday looks but I’ve been wearing this to 6th Form and I got to admit I’m feeling it.

Look 3: 


This is the most adventurous of all my looks and I really wish the lighting would show just how sparkly and bright this look was. I really wanted to play with the shade Mixed Berries so I tried to work it into this sunset kinda look which I actually think turned out pretty well? I started with the orange tone shades Peaches and CloudBerry in my crease before adding a whole lot of Mixed Berries across my lid which I was trying to do a kinda low key crease cut. Did it work out? I’m not 100% but I do quite like this look. This would work as a way of spicing up a little black dress for a night out or adding a little something to a plain look.

So there you go! Three very different looks using the Soph X Revolution palette. This palette has so many different shades that you really can get a real variety of looks and for £10 I really don’t think you can go wrong. However, this palette is essentially sold out everywhere… But when it does come back in stock BUY IT!

I hope you liked this style of post from me – sorry my photos are never great, I’m still learning.


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