Monthly Favourites || September 2017

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s the start of October and I’m so excited because I love the autumn season! Before we jump into October I thought I’d rewind a little and share the products I’ve been loving throughout September. Let’s get into this!

Firstly I’ve got a few beauty items to share with you and they’ve all been new to my collection over the month. We’ll start with the Revlon Colour Stay combination/oil foundation. I’m back at school now which means my makeup has to last over a full day – which is struggle as I have quite oily skin. That’s why I picked up the the Revlon foundation as it was recommended by SophDoesNails on YouTube. I won’t say it’s amazing but I do like it a lot. I’d rate it like 8/10. It has a lot more coverage than the Maybelline Fit Me which I usually grab for and it does last for around 5 hours before I need to apply more powder – which is good for my skin type.


To go with the new foundation I’ve been trying I also picked up my first loose powder. The Rimal match perfection translucent powder. I flipping love it, I’m super impressed with the quality and how well it applies, plus it makes my skin look so airbrushed and flawless. Another good thing is that no matter how much you apply it doesn’t go cakey so you can’t accidentally ruin your look. (The finger prints all over the lid bother me to…)


The last makeup product is pretty predictable but of course I had to mention the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette. I’m a little biased because Soph is one of my favourite YouTubers but either way I think this palette is gorgeous. The colours work so well for a huge variety of looks especially the autumnal themed eyes which is totally where I’m at in life. The quality is impressive for drugstore you just can’t deny it. The only downside is the packaging gets dirty really easily as you’ll see below. Overall super happy with my purchase of her palette and I’m 100% wanting to pick up her hughkighter palette when I have a few more dollar to my name.


Still in the beauty theme I’ve got to mention the Spectrum C06 brush. I’ve been using this to apply a base layer of eyeshadow before starting my look to help set the primer. It’s just the softest brush I’ve ever tried and I’m definitely wanting to get some more to add to my kit. I think I want to get a crease brush because if the quality is the same as my C06 then it’ll pick up and distribute shadow amazingly.


Moving away from beauty products I’ve actually got a perfume to share with you guys. I’m talking about the Paco Robanne Lady Million. Haydn got this for me for Christmas and only know is it the perfect season to wear this. It’s not at all floral or fresh which is why I avoided it during Spring and Summer, it’s quite a musky (in a good way) kinda scent and is relatively similar to the male 1 Million if you’ve ever smelt that. I’m the worst for describing scents but I like this one a lot and think it’s going to be my autumnal go to.


Seeing as I was so great at describing that scent I thought I’d throw in a candle that I’ve been loving. Autumn time is the best time of year to burn candles because they’re just so cosy. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I find it quite relaxing to snuggle in bed with a good book and light a candle. Recently I’ve been loving Lake Sunset. Online it’s described as a cool summer fragrance which I suppose makes more sense but I’ve been loving it on cold, rainy nights anyways. The little picture and wax colour are also cute which helps a little.


I doubt you guys will care about a song of the month but I thought I’d tell you. I’m so glad Avicii is back on the scene and his song with Rita Ora ‘Lonely Together’ is amazing. Been listening to it a lot especially over the first week. Just a good upbeat song, with basic lyrics but I like it and I’m a sucker for Avicii’s stuff.

So there you go. The products (and song) I’ve been loving over the month of September. I can’t remember if I’ve done a monthly favourite’s before so if you do like this style of post make sure to like and comment so I know to do more in the future.



22 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites || September 2017

  1. hi,
    i love you’re blog!! Would you mind checking out my blog and following? It really means a lot to me! Thanks in advance!

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  2. How do you wear your revlon foundation? Personally I find mine doesn’t look that great on the skin, you can clearly tell you are wearing foundation and it’s quite heavy. How do you apply it?

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    1. I put about a pump and a half on the back of my hand and then distribute it onto my face using my finger, I blend it out using a real techniques sniffing brush. To make it look more natural I bring it down my neck and set it wish a loose powder, not a mattifying one though xx

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      1. That’s strange cause I do all of those-though I use a beauty blender or my fingers instead of a brush but even using a brush in the past it didn’t really work for me. I wonder if it’s my skin that’s the problem then haha

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