Autumnal Shopping Haul || Primark, H&M, ETC…

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I haven’t uploaded a clothing haul since June so I figured it was about time to do another one. Yesterday I went to West Quay in Southampton which is my favourite shopping center and picked up a few new goodies that are perfect for the autumnal season. There are also a few bath & body bits so be sure to read to the end. I really wanted this to be a try on haul but I’m home alone today so didn’t have any spares arms available to take my picture. Let’s get into this!

We’ll start with the main bulk of my haul which is of course Primark. I’m so thankful that Primark exists because for cheap girls like me it’s heaven. Firstly I picked up this cosy, brown tartan jumper.


I think this just screams autumnal, I had to have it. This was a little costly for Primark coming in at £13 but the material is nice and think so I suppose it makes sense. Whilst looking at the jumper range I found another one I had to have. I’m sure people might think this is cheesy yet I think it’s adorable.

The big kid inside be was screaming. How could I resist. This cosy jumper was £10 and I have no regrets. P.S. If your thinking ‘Omg how gimmicky’ just wait it gets worse…
Before you all judge me I’ll throw in a sophisticated item that I think looks very ‘instagrammy’ if you know what I mean.

I manged to find this marble design shirt. I was actually looking for something smart but ‘cool’ as I need a formal outfit to wear for 6th Form as last week I was awarded the position of Head Girl so I’m sure this will come in handy. It’s very light weight and the buttons have a flat silver. This was the only one I could see in the entire store so I’m not sure if its an old piece but luckily this was in my size and I believe it was either £7 or £10 – I’ve taken the labels of because they’ve been washed. Either way it’s not a bad price as I imagine I’ll get a lot of wear out of this.
Next I’ve got to show you an item which might be my most favourite thing I’ve ever brought. You might have seen this on YouTube if you watch a lot of Primark hauls but here.


I managed to grab myself on of the suede biker jackets that everyone has been talking about. I got mine in beige and let me tell you the fluffy, teddy bear blanket style lining is the warmest, coziest thing ever. I need to stop using the word cozy in this post… It’s got  cute zip up pockets and a belt that goes around the stomach. This was the most expensive item at £25 but if you couldn’t tell I love it so much that the price doesn’t even come into it.
Now we just have the item that I think a lot of you will hate. I think it’s adorable though so be nice…

I got myself a mini backpack with fricking Micky Mouse ears! I’m done. I didn’t get into the whole mini backpack trend over summer but this one is Disney so it’s an exception. Its a faux leather material and cost £9. Funny story was these backpacks were in several places around the store but not a single one had the price on it. I decided it would be worth it though because look how sweet. I really don’t have much use for this but I am going to Prague with my Boyfriend at the end of the month so I promise you it’ll come in handy.

Over in New Look I couldn’t find ANYTHING I wanted except for some skinny fit black trousers to go with my marble shirt.

I liked these because of the fact that they’re slim fit and had the gold zip detailing. These were £15.99 and for a good quality pair of trousers I’m glad I found them in New Look as I’m not sure Primark would have delivered as nice a pair.

I usually find loads that I love in H&M but I had the same issue that I had with New Look. In the end I only picked up two things, one of which is being taken back so I won’t even be sharing. H&M Jumper

This just looks awful in the photograph but trust me its nice. This is the most basic black, knitted jumper you could find but I thought for £12.99 you can’t go wrong. There is a little knitted design running diagonally down the front which adds a little bit of something but honestly, it was just a basic jumper that I can throw on for 6th form.

Onto a few bath & body bits there was no way I was going home without anything from Lush. Luckily the Southampton store had all there Christmas and Halloween range so I got a bath bomb from each.


From the Halloween range I chose the Pumpkin bath bomb because not only does it look amazing but it smells pretty nice too. I’m looking forward to a relaxing bath with him. Then from the Christmas range I got Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. Guys, we need to talk about this. I’ve not tried a jelly bomb yet so I’m super curious about that but in other news they finally put the Snow Fairy Scent into a bath bomb! I know we have the bubble bar (Magic Wand) but I feel like we really needed this widely loved scent as a bath bomb and of course Lush has delivered. The Pumpkin bath bomb was £4.25 and the Snow Fairy jelly bomb was £4.95. Snow Fairy jelly bomb is a pretty expensive bath so I hope it lives up to my expectations. I think I’ll be doing full reviews on both the bath bombs so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on that.

We’ve made it to the end and I just have one last product to share with you from The Body Shop.

I decided to go full basic white girl and pick up the Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel. I don’t even know if I love the scent that much but its autumnal and I couldn’t avoid the pumpkin love any longer. Plus I think The Body Shop shower gels are so luxurious and worth the money at just £5 a bottle.

I’m sure you all think I’m very basic after reading through my haul – Tartan jumpers, Dinsey and Pumpkins everywhere, what can I say, I’m a sucker for Autumn. Have you guys found any awesome autumn clothing? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I get them Newlook Trousers all the time for work however the elastic does go really quickly in them which is a shame. Really want to try the Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Range 🎃 X

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