Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb || Lush Review 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? In my last post I showed you the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb I picked up from Lush’s Christmas range. I’m pretty certain this is the first bath bomb that has the Snow Fairy scent and the Jelly Bombs are also new to the Lush range. I was so excited to try the jelly bombs but it didn’t got so well, but I still thought it was worthwhile sharing my experience with you.


So I don’t want to go on and on about the negatives so I’ll be sort of brief.

Firstly, the bomb just doesn’t dissolve very well. It goes quite thick in the water which I get because it is a ‘jelly’ bomb’ but because of this is clumps up and struggles to dissolves.

On a more positive note the smell was pretty great.

After the bath I noticed something that has put me off using these ever again. The jelly like substance that forms on the top layer of the bath water was all fun a games during the bath. I mean it was weird but I didn’t mind. After washing my hair and drying it there were actual clumps of jelly in my hair, I washed it out and I thought that was the end. For the next two days I had tiny pieces of white jelly in my hair that was like dandruff at the ends of hair. I washed my hair and still had the issue… Not nice and definitely not ideal.

If you are still wanting to try one of these out for yourself I 100% wouldn’t get your hair in the water.

That’s kind of all I’ve got to say on this one, hopefully my next blog post will be a little more positive! Let me know your opinion on the Lush Jelly Bombs!

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