I HATE This Bath Bomb || Lush Halloween 2017

Hey guys

I hope you’re doing well? I try and keep things positive but if you read my last Lush review you’ll already know I’ve been disappointed with the Bath Bombs I’ve been trying. Today I’ve got another negative review for you – I wasn’t sure if you guys would want another negative review but I’ve decided to post anyway!

Today I’m talking about the Pumpkin Bath Bomb. Obviously I was excited about this one because the autumnal ‘insta’  vibes were unreal. The smell is Pumpkin although it’s artificial in a still natural way, I mean if that makes any sense…

To be brief the PH was a bit off and made an area sting that you definitely don’t want to be stinging – if you know what I mean. Basically it was the most uncomfortable bath I’ve ever paid to have!

It was pretty awful in short and whilst the orange dye and fast fizzing was fun the err after effects were pretty frustrating…
So there you have it another negative review here on CharlieStarBlogs. I won’t have a past up next week as I’m in Leeds with Haydn so don’t have anything to review however next week I’ll have a very exciting travel blog going up! Look foraward to that because I sure am.

8 thoughts on “I HATE This Bath Bomb || Lush Halloween 2017

  1. Wow that sucks!! I don’t really take baths anymore but that must have been so uncomfortable! This is such a great and honest review

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  2. I love LUSH but it is refreshing to see a negative review once in a while. Personally, I’m more of a shower person so I’m not tempted by any of their bath bomb/bath fizz products. I feel that they’re a bit gimmicky but that’s personal preference. Sorry to hear of your bad experience though! Must have been unnerving.

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