New Makeup Revolution Products || Christmas Range 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Winter mocks start next week and I’m working my butt off to get some great grades. Although because of how much time I’m putting into my revision I think this might be the last post of this month which seems a little crazy. But I have some exciting news so make sure you read to the end… Anyways, I’m sure some of my beauty lovers will be very aware of Superdrugs 3for2 offer that happens pretty much every other month. I went in a few days ago to get some new Makeup Revolution products. I thought seeing as this may be the last post for a while I’d do a mini shopping haul/first impressions of the 3 items I picked up. Right, let’s get into this!


As you can see from above I chose the Life On The Dance Floor VIP palette and two of the new formula liquid lip kits in the shade Majesty and Regal. I’m not sure how long these products have been out but I’m pretty sure the palette and Majesty lip kit are part of the Christmas line… I’m not 100% sure. The palette was a bargain at £10 and each of the lip kits were £6 but of course I got one for free as part of the deal.

I figured I start by talking about the lip kits. Specifically the shade Regal as I think its my favourite.


The packaging is the classic design for Revolutions liquid lipsticks, they have a plastic tube and a really pretty rose gold lid. The lip liners are a plastic wood like material that does feel cheap if I’m being honest, but for £6 what can you expect. The shade on the box doesn’t quite match whats inside but this seems to be the case for most of the lip kits so it’s worthwhile shade checking before you buy.


The lip liner and lipstick actually match up quite well, if you look closely the lip liner has more of an orange undertone but on the lips they look the same. I know that the boxes said new formula but I didn’t know what to expect and whether I’d actually notice a difference from the original ones I’ve tried. But oh my! They are so different. The liners are pretty much the same, they’ve got a waxy formula that is creamy and well pigmented. This liquid lipstick is an actual game changer in the drugstore. I’m not exaggerating. The old formula could be sticky and was always quite drying but all that has changed with the new formula. The product applies and dries down in a way that is neither sticky or drying plus they dry perfectly matte and a lot smoother than previously. They wear well too without feeling heavy or drying on the lips. I honestly compare this to my Two Faced melted lipstick so so much. I haven’t tried wearing this over the course of a day to test its longevity but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

The second liquid lipstick I picked up in the shade Majesty. This is a much darker purple plum shade that I really want to be able to rock.


I was drawn to this colour after seeing someone from YouTube rocking it, (their name has slipped my mind) so thought I’d give it ago myself. The formula is the same as what I’ve described above and I love the colour.  But you know I’m always truthful so I’ve got to tell you that the liner shade and lipstick shade don’t match very well, I find the liner to be much darker than the lipstick. On top of that the lipstick isn’t very opaque and I feel that a lot of colour is lost as it is blended out across the lips, this could perhaps explain why the liner doesn’t end up matching very well? I wouldn’t say that the shade is patchy as it does apply evenly just it seems like a much lighter shade than what’s in the tube.


In the swatch you can almost see how the shade has turned lighter by looking around the outside where there is only one coat. The annoying thing is that the liner does seem the exact shade on the hand but once you I’d tried it on the lips I did notice a difference.

Now moving on the final product and let’s be real the most exciting – The Life on the dance floor VIP palette.


Trying to photograph this glittery palette was not working out for me but you get the idea. The palette contains 24 shades with pretty decent size pans. Even though the packaging is a little bigger than the Soph X Revolution palette they do contain the same amount of shades with the same amount of product in. The palette also comes with an incredible mirror big enough to do your whole face in.


This is a fairly neutral palette with just a few pops of darker red/brown shades. Originally I thought I’d be going for the rose gold palette (Guest List) but the shades were all warm, red/pink/orange shades with no lighter colours to build up in my crease. I think darker skin girls will be dying for the rose gold palette but if like me you’re pale then this is a great option. I plan on doing a post showing you swatches of every shade but for now I’ve picked 1 colour from each column.


Obviously the shades are all pretty pigmented but as usually the mattes win. I wouldn’t describe the formula as creamy but I don’t think that’s a bad thing as the shades are still soft and feel like they’ll be easy to blend out. My personal favourites are the shimmery pinks and deep brown shades. I really can’t be bothered to type out all the names but they do all revolve around celebrity culture (e.g. Paparazzi, Big Shot and Backstage). I’m so excited to play around with this palette and might even show you some of the looks I create.

Okay so that’s everything I brought plus some first impressions. Now I’ve got some pretty cool news. On the 1st of December I’ll be starting blogmas or as I’ll be calling it charliestarblogsmas. I don’t want to do posts every day so instead have decided to upload every other day. Plus *spoiler alert* I’ve got a giveaway planned so be sure to look out for that!

Leave any blogmas ideas below and tell me what you think of my new Christmas theming!




24 thoughts on “New Makeup Revolution Products || Christmas Range 2017

  1. I wish MR was sold in Australia instead of having to buy online, that eyeshadow palette looks amazing, though I think I’d be keen for the rose gold one! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really want some of those palettes! I think they’re so beautiful. I don’t actually own any of the Make Up Revolution palettes and I always hesitate because I worry that the quality won’t be very good. I look forward to reading your blogmas posts, I decided to do blogmas too this year and I’m very excited about it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That palette is SO gorgeous, all of those shades are totally up my alley. I’ve actually never tried anything from Makeup Revolution, it’s sort of hard to find in Canada! But there is one place I found that does have a great selection of their products… Do you have an all time fave from MR?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s stunning! My all time favourite is the Newtrals vs neutrals. Although recently I’ve been loving the Soph x makeup revolution, this palette mentioned and the Iconic Pro! As you can tell I’m a big makeup revolution fan 😂


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