Life On The Dance Floor VIP Swatches || Makeup Revolution Christmas 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? In my most recent haul video I showed you that I picked up one of the new Christmas palettes by Makeup Revolution, specifically I chose the Life On The Dance Floor – VIP palette. I thought today I’d swatch every shade to show the pigmentation and difference of the undertones that come in this palette. I’ve tried to name the shades correctly but I filled my arms with swatches so the text is a little small… Anyways, let’s go into this!

Before we jump into swatches I thought I’d just include a few images to give you an overview of the palette starting with packaging.


I’ve included images of the shadows that can be found in the palette, shot from both the left and right side.

Okay now we can jump into swatches!

Swatch names 1.png

The swatches above are the first 2 rows of shadows. As you can tell they swatch so smoothly and although the mattes do have a bit of an edge all the shades swatch fantastically. Personal favourites are Big Shot, Dollar and Prestige, I think this trio could make a killer eye look on between them. Whilst I love warm tones I do always love a good natural look that I can wear everyday, so I just feel like this palette is perfect for me. I need to stop saying that as I feel like I say this all the time – but I mean it!

Swatch Names 2

Above you can see the swatches from rows 3 and 4. I didn’t do as great a job with these as they’re not spaced out well and the first few are blurred. I’m sure you can still get the idea. Consistently throughout the palette the shades a smooth and swatch so pigmented. I’ve played with them on the eyes a couple of times and am honestly yet to be disappointed. From this row my favourite shades are On Tab, On The Rocks, Cocktail and Influence. I’m just gushing over the pigmentation of the shimmers to be honest.

Overall, as I’m sure you can tell, I’m in love with this palette. I’m endlessly impressed with Makeup Revolution eyeshadows. I do sometimes find that there shades creases by the end of the day but having tried this a couple of times I am yet to notice this fault. There are 3 other palettes in the this Life On The Dance Floor range (1 only available online) and I’m pretty confident when I say the quality ranges across all the palettes. If you wanting a good quality palette, with a great variety of shades and at an incredible price (did I mention this was only Β£10!) then you’re going to love this! I hope this little run down of the palette was useful and that you enjoyed this post!

In preparation for my winter exams I won’t be uploading for a week(ish) now! I’ll see you all on the 1st of December for BlogMas or as we’ll be calling it CharlieStarBlogMas!


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