Should You Watch Jane The Virgin? || Review and Thoughts – Netflix

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I just finished all the Jane The Virgins episodes that are currently on Netflix and thought I’d share my opinion. Although I’m not going to spoil anything so rest assure you won’t have to worry about that.

Okay so what is the series about (without spoiling it): the series focuses Jane (surprisingly) and her crazy, emotionally, inspiring, weirdly wonderful life story. If you like binge-worthy series, with a focus on family life that is overly exaggerated then I’m thinking your gonna love this.

Warning though, it gets hella emotional and you’re gonna need to be pretty invested into this. Get ready to spend an entire day watching is all I’m saying.

Despite my raving tone so far there is one little downside and that is that sometimes the series becomes like back ground watching. By which I mean you might find yourself a little bored and playing on your phone or distracted by other things.

Do I recommend? Yeah I do, but I’m not sure it’s for everyone. Give it a try and see what you think, the more you watch the better it gets.

Christmas L0g0

7 thoughts on “Should You Watch Jane The Virgin? || Review and Thoughts – Netflix

  1. I powered through the first season and loved it so much! However I got bored like 2 episodes into the 2nd season and decided to stop watching. My friend has watched all the way up to the 3rd season though so she keeps me updated on what is happening without me actually having to watch it!

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  2. I started watching it this year and it’s absolutely love it! It’s such a fun show and even though at times it’s a bit slow, I think is so innovative. There is nothing like it on Tv. Frankly, stick to it. I’m up-to-date on s04 and there are so many twists and turns. And Rogelio’s line get better and better! ❤️❤️

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