What To Buy This Christmas || CharlieStarBlogMas 1/12

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Thanks for joining me for my first blogsmas post! Today I’m keeping it basic and doing a gift ideas post. Obviously I don’t want to spoil anyways presents so I’ve decided to talk about generic gift categories and give a few ideas within them. Hopefully these give you a little inspiration if you’re struggling! But before we jump into it let me just explain that for blogmas I’ll be uploading every other day and will be launching an international Christmas giveaway as part of the blogmas series so look out for that! Okay now let’s get into this!

Quick & Easy:

When you think quick & easy gift you’ll usually go straight to gift sets or gift vouchers, instead why not put together your own little gift set with things the recipent will actually like. For example, you could pick a Lush Bath Bomb, good quality face mask and some fluffy socks and there you’ve created a great pamper evening kit, that is not only more personal but shows you’ve put some thought into the gifts. You could even through in a gift card if you did want to but at least this way you’re able to say you did just throw some money in a card. If you want a few more ideas then feel free to contact me and we can brainstorm!

Something Creative:

One of my favourite things I’ve ever made for Haydn is the personalised playing cards. I’ve mentioned them a few times on my blog before but I honestly think they’re the perfect gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend. What you do is pick a basic set of playing cards that have plain backs – Tiger sell them – and write something sweet on the back of each one. I chose to do things under the categories of memory, something I love about you and an ‘us’ thing. But you could literally do anything.


What I mean by this is gifts people can actually use as opposed to something that could just end up sat on a shelf for months. Of course what classes as a ‘usable’ will be different for everyone but I’ve tried to include a few suggests that will suit a variety of people. For Haydn’s birthday this year I treated him to a pretty expensive back pack from 1plus. He travels a lot – to see me – plus he uses a bag everyday for work, therefore this seemed like a great way to get him something he’d like as well as something he uses. On the other hand if your buying for someone who loves makeup why not buy storage units so they can put it all away somewhere.

Gifts with pictures:

If you follow me on any social media you’ll probably realise I’m obsessed with pictures – hence I have about 70+ pictures covering my bedroom walls, I just think they make such nice gifts. Picking out a really cute frame and putting a nice picture of you and the recipient is a great way of giving someone a thoughtful gift. I do this most years and I’ve planned on doing it this year for a few people but the beauty of this one is frames can be unique and the picture you chose will be equally unique so it works for pretty much anyone close that you’re buying for. I recommend Not On The Highstreet for frames as well as Amazon – be sure to check both if you find something specific you like as sometimes they’ll be available on both for different prices.

For making them laugh:

Personally I’ve never done ‘joke’ presents but if you’re trying to keep to a low budget or if that’s just the kind of person you are then something to make them laugh would be a great idea. Haydn has this kinda weird obsessions with things having his face on and just thinks it’s always funny which in all fairness it is, I currently own a purple astronaut hoodie that has his face photoshopped onto it. Maybe getting a fidget spinner or some pens with your face on would be a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them over this holiday.

Perfect for Long Distance (Or your love in general): 

When you want to buy something for someone living away from you – meaning you’ll have to post the gift – can be tricky. Especially when posting prices can be high… If you’re in a long distance relationship then why not consider some of the following ideas to send to your partner. Firstly, its a classic, open when letters. I made these for Haydn’s Christmas present last year and he loved them (he says), I had fun making them and putting thought into what paper gifts I could fit into the envelopes to go with the letter plus Haydn loves reading them. Its a win win. You could also send them a cuddle buddy. With a cuddle buddy you can add a picture to the bears tummy and a voice recording to make the gift extra special, then the bears can be shipped straight to your partner so you don’t have to worry about shipping. I think these make adorable gifts. They aren’t exclusive to lovers either, I think new parents of kids would love these extra special teddys.

Thanks for joining me for the first post in my 2017 Charliestarblogmas collection! P.S I will try to include photos in future blogmas posts I just don’t want to use loads of images from google!


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