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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Okay, so before we start we need to address the fact that I am not fashionable. However today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite outfits to wear in the winter. If you looking for some simple looks using highstreet fashion then keep reading! Also it might be worth mentioning that some of my looks are inspired by Nancy from Stranger Things – I’m not even sorry… Let’s get into this!

So there is my attempt at being a fashion blogger, all I’m saying is I tried my best!

First up is the basic ‘slouchy jumper’ day look:

outfit 4.jpg

Jumper: Primark
Leggings: H&M
Boots: New Look (bought last year)

Keeping to the same chilled out vibe this is the more ‘I’m cosy but my jeans are on so I had it planned’ look:

outfit 3

Jumper: H&M knitwear
Jeans: New Look Yasmin Style
Boots: New Look (similar ones available this year… I even have a tan pair ordered)

Now I feel like I’m stepping it up here… ish… this isn’t particularly wintery but I’ve been loving it for 6th form and actually feel kinda cool wearing it:

Camo Shirt: H&M Sale
Jeans: New Look Yasmin Style
Boots: New Look (same as previous)

This next look is entirely made up of items I bought last year but you can 100% find something similar still:

outfit 2

How Cute?!
Dungarees: New Look
Oversized Jumper: New Look
Trainers: Classic Converse

So this next one is by far my favourite and I feel like I’ve nailed the Nancy (Stranger Things) vibe:


Do you love it?!
Jumper: Primark
(I picked this up in size 4 as there wasn’t a 6, although it cost Β£2 so win)
Skirt: New Look
Trainers: Classic Converse

I hope you guys like this little winter look book. As I said I’m not a fashion blogger but I tried my best… Let me know what looks you love this time of year and tell me which one of mine you liked best!


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