Storybook Cosmetics First Impressions|| 5 Piece eye makeup brush set

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This post is actually very unexpected as I’m sharing my first impressions of the Storybook Cosmetics 5 piece eye makeup brush set. This was kindly gifted to me from one of my closest friends (shout out to Caitlin). I’ve seen this brand advertised online, and being a Harry Potter fan of course meant I thought these were pretty awesome. I didn’t even know you could get these in the UK but obviously you can. Anyways let’s get into my first impressions.


The brushes came inside the little drawstring bag that you can see above. The logo has been printed on the front but it’s already started to peel off, which is kinda annoying but I don’t think I’ll ever use it so it’s not a big deal.


The bristles are a lot softer than I expected which makes me very excited to give these a try. I also like that they are dip dyed with white ends because it’s easier to see what colour product I previously used on that brush; meaning there’s less chance of mixing shades. The 5 brushes include: an eyebrow brush, a flat shader brush, a rounded mini blending brush, a fluffy large blending brush and a mini angled fluffy brush. I think this is a nice range and in all honesty I can see myself using all of these brushes, maybe not for the intended purpose but I can definitely find a use for them. One thing that is kinda weird about the brushes is that the metal strip that attaches the stem to the bristles is very different sizes and shapes across the 5 brushes, not that this is an issue in anyway just something I’ve noticed.


It’s the design at the ends of these brushes which really gets your attention. They’re fricking mini wands! Are you kidding me, how cute is this?! This is such an innovative design and I really love the way it works. The weighty material gives a feel of quality and even though these seem delicate I’d don’t feel as though they are going to snap. There is some resemblance of the wands from Harry Potter but I don’t think they’ve been designed to specifically for this.


Overall, I like these. They’re are 3 brushes I’ll definitely use, 1 I think I’ll use and one that I probably won’t but for a set that’s under £10 I think that’s a great deal. The brushes, as I’ve said, are weighty and feel like great quality which I appreciate and the overall design is absolutely stunning. If your looking for brushes that are great for the aesthetic and will look cool in your collection then I recommend these. Although, I am yet to try these out so can’t say much on the usability but design wise I think these are great.





6 thoughts on “Storybook Cosmetics First Impressions|| 5 Piece eye makeup brush set

  1. I have seen these and I have coveted slash wondered about them (whether or not they would be good quality or not) They look frickin amazing and I am glad to hear that they are decent quality (minus the bag) I might have to add them as a last minute addition to my Christmas list! ❤

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  2. I have been so close to buying these and I’m glad you did a little post on them so I might grab some myself now too. Did you get them off eBay? That’s where I have seen them x

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