My Top Rated Products of 2017 || Drugstore & HighEnd

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I wanted to share with you my top products of 2017. Originally I was planning to do this for New Yeats, but I’m hoping to get a few makeup goodies for Christmas and will be dedicating the New Year to some reviews of new products. Today I thought we talk about the products I’ve fallen in love with over the year.

So here’s a list of products that have stood out to me during 2017. I know that a lot of these products didn’t actually get released this year but it’s the first time I’ve tried them out.

Firstly let’s start with base makeup products. There’s two foundations that stand out at being favourites this year. From the Drugstore I’ve been loving the Revlon Colour Stay – as recommend by SophDoesNail (you all know my love for her) – I got the one that’s good for oily skin and even though it isn’t matte it does actually help control the oil for a lot longer than most other foundations I use. On the opposite side, meaning highend, The Kat Von D Lock-It foundation has of course made it onto my list. Funny thing is I never intended to buy this, my friend (shoutout to Jess) brought the wrong shade but it suited me so I brought it off her. I still need to do a full review of this product but in case you wanted a brief review, its good.

I haven’t been very adventurous with concealers this year so I really need some suggestions for what to try during 2018. Whilst I’m being honest, I’ve started to lose my love for the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I recently it’s making my complexion look patchy and very not cute…


Again I’ve need been overly experimental with powders. But I did try my first loose powder, Rimmell Match Perfection and that’s now my daily powder. I don’t even take my Stay matte pressed powder with me when I travel now that’s how much I’ve been loving the new one.


Do eyebrows still count as base makeup? I’m aware that I have worse eyebrows than most boys but I’ve been working really hard at getting them into a cute shape this year. In 2016 I was all about powders but I know quite often reach for a pomade. In particular the Bobbie Brown Gel Ink Liner. My step-mum very kindly passed this product on to me after she didn’t like and I’m so grateful because I’ve been loving it. Although I’m in desperate need of a new thing eyebrow brush as mine has gone a little bushy now.

Moving on to the products for the rest of my face I wanted to talk about bronzers because whilst it’s not yet part of my everyday routine I have been enjoying experimenting with the way they change the dynamic of a look. There’s one that springs to mind when I think about what I’ve been loving this year and that is of cause the Sephora Contouring kit. I only use the darkest shade out of this kit but I’ve been loving the way it warms my face up.

I’m not sure why but I’ve gone off of blush this year and so I don’t actually have one to mention. At the start of the year I was loving Benefit Rockateur but I only use that occasionally now.

Onto eye makeup… YAY! I feel that this is the key area of makeup that has really changed for me over the last 12 months. Obviously I’m no expert and I still have tonnes to learn but I’m really happy with the way my skills have grown with eye shadow during 2017. I’ve played around with a lot of palettes and individual shadows this year but I wanted to be concise so I’m only mentioning the ones I would buy again based on value for money, how many of the shades I use vs how many there are and of course quality. The two palettes I’m mentioning are from Makeup Revolution which isn’t a surprise as I really think for the price these eyeshadows can’t be beaten and whilst there are some misses pretty much all of them are hits. The first one is the New-Trals Vs Neutrals palette. This is a really close dupe for the Modern Renaissance palette but despite that I truly love it either way. I think I’ve used all the colours in this so of course its well worth the cheap price of £6.99.  The second palette I feel worth mentioning is the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette. I got this when it first came out and I love it! Like many people I’m obsessed with the colour choices Sophie decided to use. This palette is sold for £10 which is such a great price in my opinion. I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t like this palette. More recently I’ve been using it in partnership with the new Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor VIP palette. I do really like the VIP palette but I haven’t had it for long enough to decide if its real love or just a fling. But I’ll keep you updated.

In terms of single eyeshadows I’ve been dying over the pigmentation from the KIKO single eyeshadows. I have one High Pigment Wet and Dry in shade 18 metallic bronze (£5.90) and trust me I plan on buying more) and one Smart Colour in the shade 02 pearly champagne (£2.50). I adore both of these shades and use them frequently so I just had to mention them.


Furthermore, I began using highlighters for the first time this year and even though I love them I’m yet to find one that wow’s me every time so I actually don’t have one to share with you guys unfortunately.

To finish up we need to talk about lip products. Similarly to eyeshadow I’ve tested out loads of lip products this year and have found loads I like. Rather than go into detail I thought I would just do a quick list of my favourite ones and if there are any you are particularly interested in then feel free to contact me or comment below. So this year I’ve loved: NYX soft matte lip cream (shades Rome & Cannes), The Body Shop Matte liquid lipsticks (favourite shade is crete carnation), Makeup Revolution Lip Kits (favourite shade is Noble), MAC matte lipstick (shade MEHR) and The Two Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick (shade Sell Out). Yeah… all mattes… and mostly all nudes. I’m such a sucker for a matte nude and I’m not even sorry.

So there you have all the products tried, tested and loved by me throughout 2017. Before I end this I wanted to ask if you guys would be interested in seeing all the makeup I currently have in my collection? It’s grown massively over the last year and I was just curious if you’d want to see what I own.

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