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Hey Guys,

I hope you are doing well? A little while ago a company called STYLEBEST reached out and asked if I’d look through their products and leave a review. The site is basically an online, affordable fashion/accessories shop. I scrolled through the products and fell in love with so many products that I decided it was definitely worthwhile sharing them with you.

Today I’ll share just a quick sample of the accessories that are mega cute and super affordable. Be sure to scroll to the bottom where you can find a site-wide 35% off discount code! The site also allows you to change currency to a huge varieties of countries which is great if you live outside of the USA/UK. Okay let’s get into this.

We’ll start with bags seeing as they’re my favourites.

Tassel Faux Leather Backpack Set


Product Code: 220544101
Price: £7.74

I love that this is a 3 piece set of less than £8! Can you actually believe that. The set includes a backpack, handbag and a card holder. I feel like these are just such staple, must haves. Sometimes black can be a little boring but on a classic item like this, I think it’s perfect for everyday usage. Get yours here:

Flower Patterns Cute Clutch Wallet


Product Code: 216070301
Price: £4.85

I think this might be my overall favourite product. This little clutch bag is adorable. I chose to show it in lavender but it comes in 4 other colours too (yellow, green, pastel pink and fushia). I don’t use clutches very regularly but I feel like this would be perfect to take out for a meal or to work and the cute design just speaks to me. For a £5 product I actually think this looks quite classy. Get yours here:

Dual Purposes Shoulder Messenger Bag


Product Code: 180850801
Price: £5.68

Similarly to the backpack, I feel like shoulder bags like this are essentials. What I love about this one is the uniqueness of the design. Maybe it’s just unique to be but I can’t say I’ve seen anything like this before. The white and black version of this (shown above) almost resembles a marble print but obviously it’s a little different. The bag comes in 4 different colours and is the perfect size for everyday use. Get yours here:

Stylish PU Tote Shoulder Bag


Product Code: 223600501
Price: £17.23

This really is your standard ‘basic bi*ch’ bag but despite that it’s actually really nice. By the looks of things this is a small/medium bag which I think are great for everyday use. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying massive handbags which are then too heavy to carry. The price of this is pretty standard in comparison to places like New Look or H&M but this one comes with the little pompom key ring which is usually sold separately. The bag comes in 6 different colours which are all really wearable and for less than £20 you can’t go wrong. Get yours here:

Beautiful PU Leather Shoulder Bag


Product Code: 213642501
Price: £2.38 (26% OFF)

When I first looked at this I wasn’t a fan… but then I pictured it with a cute play-suit in summer and decided it was actually mega cute. Can we first start by looking at the price. What?! Less than £3 are you serious. Overall, a perfect little summers day bag with a fantastic price that not even Primark could beat. Get yours here:

PU Zipper Closure Small Backpack


Product Code: 207572101
Price: £4.85

When I was away in Prague, I fell in love with mini backpacks. This one is almost simple but has a unique strap design which makes it a little more interesting. The price is of course amazing and just like many of the other products I’ve mentioned totally a must have. Get yours here:

3 Pieces Canvas Star Print Backpack Set


 Product Code: 221667002
Price: £15.99

This is obviously the boldest design I’ve chosen to show you but it just works. I felt obligated to show you this seeing as I’m CharlieStar and this is a stary backpack collection. The set includes a backpack, shoulder bag and a wallet all for less than £16 – which is an incredible price. If your travelling or need a cool backpack for school I think this is a great option. Get yours here:

Moving away from bags I thoughts I’d share with you some sunglasses. These aren’t in season just yet but are great prices and worth buying in advance ready for when the sun starts showing up again.

UV Protection Sunglasses Cycling Eyeglasses


 Product Code: 213741802
Price: £9.80

These are clearly your standard sunglasses but the glass is tinted black. I’m not sure how common that is but I usually see a tan/brown tint. I feel like these will be great, heavy duty yet pretty cheap sunglasses. It does say they are cycling glasses so they should be pretty good quality too. Get yours here:

Anti-UV Square Metal Frame Sunglasses


Product Code: 217835302
Price: £8.98

Sunglasses don’t tend to be very exciting and these are you basic pair. Although the little stripes on the side are cute and I just think these are a pretty nice looking pair. They come in so many different shades as well so I feel like this will be a must have for most people. Get yours here:

Windproof Anti-UV Sunglasses Eyewear


 Product Code: 213741402
Price: £10.63

Is it just me or do these look like little cat ears? I dunno probably just me… I think these are really cute glasses though and I mean I’d wear them and feel adorable. The pink tint is a nice touch to as it adds a good amount of femininity to the product. These do come in a few other shades that have different tinted glass but these are definitely my favourite. Get yours here:

That’s all the products I wanted to draw your attention too. The site has male/female clothing and a tonne of other accessories, all for great prices. I 100% think this is worth checking out if your looking for some affordable fashion items.

Shop the entire site here:


*** Disclaimer – This is not an affilitate code – I do not beneift from your purchases in any way ***


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