Sweet Peach Palette Review || Two Faced

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? If you read my Upcoming Reviews post you’ll already know that for Christmas I received the Two Faced Sweet Peach palette. I’ve played with this a couple of times since and thought that I was knowledgeable enough to share my opinion. As always I’m not a makeup artist or anything like that so this is just how I’ve found the palette and how I like to use it.

The Sweet Peach palette has been out for a while now and is massively hyped within the beauty community, just from appearance it’s obvious why.


The gorgeous ombre tin is perfect for me as it feels robust enough to travel with but isn’t as heavy as you might assume. It has a magnetic close, although it doesn’t feel very strong, but I prefer that too a physical clip as it’s easier to open. For the price (Β£49) I feel as though the packaging could be a tiny bit better but it’s not bad enough that it puts me off.

Moving on to the shades within the palette. I’m sure you’ve seen them all before but it wouldn’t be a proper review if I didn’t share my own. Everyone always talks about the smell of this palette and oh my gees it does smell good. Personally, I like it but I do feel it might be over powering to some people.


This is an 18 pan palette with 12 shimmer/glitter shades and 6 mattes. Mattes are most people’s preference but in this palette I think it works to have a higher proportion of shimmers; the mattes are just the perfect shades. Some of the shimmers aren’t intense so can be used like a matte as they blend out to not be a shimmer. Georgia, Puree and Summer Yum are all from the bottom row and are perfect transition shades – I can see myself hitting pan all these three quite quickly. Out of the entire palette there are only 4 maybe 5 colours I can’t see myself using but if I do get into darker looks then I will most likely reach for these darker shadows. Whats great about this colour range is that they are mostly warm tonnes but they aren’t those dark, orange, brown shades that usually end up in warm toned palettes.


I am probably one of the worst people to show of swatches for a palette but I’m trying. They shimmer shades are incredibly pigmented and most of the mattes are of the same quality. I’ll admit that I didn’t rub my finger in the pans very much when I did swatch as I didn’t want to use up much of the product – this is very precious to me. Overall they are great shades and I think they feel soft and smooth, there are just a few that are a little rougher in comparison but are in no way bad.

Here is the first look I created with this palette for Christmas day.

I really wanted to use the peachy shimmer shades. For this look I used Puree for the crease, a little bit of Summer Yum just on the outer v, a mix of Just Peachy and Candied Peach on the middle and outer third of eye and finally Nectar on the inner corner and inner third of my eye. I put a red lipstick on with this look as it was Christmas Day however I’m not really it goes with the look. I always struggle to know what colours go with certain eye looks so if you have any tips, please let me know. Longevity wise I can’t really say as I put this on at about 9/10 am and didn’t really look at it again until 8 hours later by which point it was quite faded and greasy. I always struggle with oily skin so that’s a very common problem for me. I should probably try an eye primer but…. I haven’t yet.

Overall I’m loving this palette and can see why people favour high end shadows. I didn’t realise how different they could actually be in comparison to drugstore. They blend well, are pigmented, smell good, look good and just make me feel good when I’m wearing them. I don’t know if that feels weird but it legit makes me feel confident AF when I have these on my eyes. Do you know what I mean?

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