MAC Matte Lipstick Review || The Most Talked About Lipstick Ever?

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Obviously you guys already know what this blog post is about so not really much need for an introduction. But anyway, I thought today I would review one of the most talked about lipsticks EVER in the beauty community – MAC Velvet Teddy. Personally I feel like this is the top cult beauty lipstick of all time and so naturally it was on my Christmas list this year.

I was lucky enough to receive this from my Mum and I have been loving it. I brought my first MAC lipstick back in November 2017 after purchasing one from Duty Free on my way home from Prague. I already knew that I’d like the formula, packaging and quality of this product but was still curious about the shade. I decided to post a full review on this product as I realised I’d never told you about the first one I had tried.


The packaging for MAC is pretty well known and I’ve got to admit it does look great. Very minimalist whilst still being sleek and feminine. The only criticism I have is that the names are printed very small on the bottom and there is no way of knowing the colour (unless you know them by name) until you open it. Which granted, is less of a problem when you only have a few but as your collection grows I think this may become more of a nuisance. Even though the packaging is small I think you get a good amount of product inside, of course I’m hoping they last a long time as I’m not sure I’d be happy to spend £16.50 regularly on a lipstick.


The shade Velvet Teddy is a gorgeous nude with a pinkish/brown undertone that can look flattering on virtually any skin type. For me, I was drawn to the shade for the pinks in the undertone as I like a nude that adds a little something to the lips; plus the name is really cute. Perhaps that’s why this became such a well known product: the adorable name paired with a stunningly versatile colour. I’m so sorry the picture above isn’t focused on the shade, I didn’t notice at the time of taking them and now I’ve used it quite a bit it doesn’t look as perfect at the end.


Taking photos with an iPhone front camera is never the best but hopefully you can see how the shade looks on my skin type. I love this shade so so much – it’s a perfect everyday shade that is natural enough to go with anything but still adds something pretty. I don’t do anything to prime my lips, so this usually lasts about 4 hours, maybe 5 without needing a touch up. The good thing about this lipstick is it doesn’t leave those horrible white clumps around the edges – gross but true.

Overall, love it! The packaging, formula and colour are all super great and I can easily say this is now one of my favourite everyday lipsticks.


14 thoughts on “MAC Matte Lipstick Review || The Most Talked About Lipstick Ever?

  1. Velvet teddy is an absolute classic!! I love it so much!

    This is an amazing post!!

    I’ve posted a blog comparing MAC with its dupe which I think you’ll enjoy!! So feel free to have a look! 💕

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