The Latest Sims 4 Stuff Pack || *FACEPALM*

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? As you guys might know I’ve started posting Sims 4 content this year, today was supposed to be a ‘Useful Tips Guide’ but something has happen.

On January 10th The Sims posted on Twitter a trailer for the next stuff pack. Guys it’s laundry. Are you kidding me… We got toddlers as part of a free update, the game is totally missing seasons but laundry we are paying for. The pack is literally called Laundry Day Stuff and I just roll my eyes. I get that with Sims 4 EA are creating specific packs that won’t appeal to everyone and the idea is you just buy what appeals to you. But I’m just shocked that there is a big enough audience for a Laundry pack, I mean a) As a community we are seeming pretty sad anyway but b) EA actually knows enough people will buy this that it’ll be profitable.

Also before someone comments below, I know that as a community we vote for the packs we want. Personally I don’t join in on these votes as I’m not massively involved with the community but I’m assuming this was the best option if the others were like ‘make your bed’ or ‘shoe cleaning’  but seriously…. Laundry – *sigh*.

This pack was released on the 16th January and it’ll be £7.99 like all the other stuff packs. I always think stuff packs are over priced (I buy them anyways…) although this seems particularly extravagant.

Check out the the trailer and read some more information HERE.

In case you were wondering the packs I’m so desperate to have are: Universities, Seasons and Holidays.


6 thoughts on “The Latest Sims 4 Stuff Pack || *FACEPALM*

  1. This looks like a April’s fool joke lol I swear there was already a washing machine, dryer and washing line to buy? Maybe that was in sims 3 I’m not sure

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      1. It is a bit silly, I watched the trailer and it just makes me laugh how they make out the fact that you can wash your clothes this big amazing thing 😂

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  2. I love the sims 4 and I totally agree, I would LOVE to have seasons! University would be cool to have too. There is some cool stuff in the Laundry pack, but I think washing machines and dryers should have just been included in the base game.

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