Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette || Review & Look

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Okay obviously everyone already knows this palette is amazing… I swear even some Nans use it. Because it is so hyped about in the beauty community I won’t spend ages on the review but in case any of you actually cared for my opinion I’ve decided to briefly mention it. So let’s get into this!


I think the packaging is gorgeous, the soft touch material feels so luxurious and it just screams expensive all over. Particularly with the magnetic close which you don’t tend to find on cheaper drugstore palettes. The only downside is this stuff WILL get stained. I’ve already made the decision that I won’t be travelling with this as it’s just too precious to destroy, I’m so cautious with it that I’m keeping in the cardboard sleeve it originally came in. Yup – I’m that protective.


The shade range is stunning. I feel that with this palette you can really explore some natural everyday warm tone looks as well as venture into the more pink/reds/oranges to create heavier, more intense looks. I say intense but really every one of these shades is super wearable. The palette has mostly matte shades with 4 shimmer shades and a few that have a little trace of shimmer but could be blended out to mattes. For a 14 pan palette to have all wearable shades that I feel like most people will use all of, ABH nailed it.


We all know taking photos of my swatches is something I don’t excel in; but this isn’t terrible. All of these shades get a 10/10 or a 9/10 in terms of pigmentation and smoothness. The shadows feel so velvet to touch and a little touch on the finger enabled me to do these long swatches. I feel like on the eyes this pigmentation is noticeably better than even other high end palette such as the Two Faced Sweet Peach palette which I have previously reviewed. My favourite shades are ‘Love Letter’ the first pink, ‘Primavera’ the gold toned shimmer and ‘Realgar’ the last burnt orange shade (on the right)


This is a look I’ve recently created using this palette on my eyes. I actually did this look for work and I actually think it works well as an ‘everyday’ eyeshadow look. I wouldn’t use it everyday as no way am I wasting this…



To create this look I used:

  • Buon Fresco in my crease. I took this shadow to the highest point that I wanted as it works well as a transition shade whilst not adding to much of a heavy colour.
  • Realgar in my crease again. I went straight in with this warm orange shade although I only took a tiny amount on my brush and was sure to blend this extremely well. I sat this shade mostly on top of Buon Fresco however, I didn’t take it quite as high.
  • Red Orche was my outer corner shade for this look. On a miniature blending brush I popped this on the other corner and only blended it slightly into my crease keeping the colour lower than the previous two.
  • Primavera worked perfectly on the centre of my lid to add a shimmering gold reflect. I used the colour on a brush although taking this on your finger or a brush with fixing spray will make this colour a lot more intense and pigmented.
  • Vermeer for inner corner highlight. I wanted the inner corner to be brighter than the centre of my lid so I used this shade and blended into Primavera softly to keep it looking smooth.
  • Finally I went back through my crease with a touch of Buon Fresco on a blending brush to  smooth all the shades together.



And there you have an everyday look using this ABH palette. What do you think? If you would like to see a wider variety of looks with this palette from me then please let me know, I can also do more in-depth tutorials.


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