MAC Studio Fix Fluid || Foundation Review

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? 2018 is the year of Foundation testing for me, so when I last went shopping I picked up the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. This is a pretty hyped foundation so naturally I’ve got pretty positive expectations about this foundation. I brought this from an official MAC store so was able to get 10% off with studio discount making it around £21. I’ve used this foundation quite a few times now and can finally offer a full review for you guys. So let’s jump into this.


Online the key benefits are as follows:

  • Long-wearing, 8 hours
  • Offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15
  • Refines skin
  • Provides comfortable, all-day oil control
  • Oil-free
  • Sweat- and humidity-resistant
  • For all skin types
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Non-acnegenic

The main points that stood out to me is the ‘long-wearing, 8 hours’ ‘all-day oil control’ and ‘for all skin types’. I have quite oily skin in my t-zone and around my nose so I always try to go for a foundation that isn’t going to highlight the oil.


We’ll briefly mention the packaging. The glass bottle and soft feeling screw lid feel expensive which I like a lot as this is the first ‘highend’ foundation I’ve spent out on. The only thing I can think of that some people will find annoying is that the bottle doesn’t come with a pump. I thought I would hate this, but pouring it out actually gives me a lot of control of how much product I’m using and I haven’t found this to be a problem.

Does it live up to the claims? Well mostly yes. The foundation is pretty good at controlling oil and it works well for my skin type – not looking overly matte in my normal skin areas but still matte in the oily parts. The foundation definitely has medium to full coverage but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The claims that I don’t agree with are that this doesn’t last 8 hours – at least not on my skin – I would say this lasts 5/6 hours before I start to see noticeable amounts of oil in my usual areas. However, the formula works well enough that it can be powdered again without looking cakey. If you didn’t have oily skin I think this probably would last the full 8 hours as claimed.

The photo below is a look I’ve created with this foundation. I haven’t taken a photo with this foundation on its own but honestly, I’d never go out with just foundation on so hopefully this is still helpful. P.S. I’ll have a post up showing you how I created this look soon so be sure to follow my blog if you’d like to see this.


I feel so comfortable in this foundation and feel that my skin looks great with it on. It hides everything I want it to and doesn’t empathize my flaws.

Overall, this is a enthusiastic yes from me. I think this is a great foundation if you want to start using highend but aren’t ready to splurge out on something a little more pricey. The colour range of this is impressive and if you go into a MAC store you can ask for a colour match to be sure you’re getting the right shade.


5 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Fluid || Foundation Review

  1. For me, 2018 is my year of mascara! I haven’t tried out MAC in a while, I can’t remember what I didn’t like about it, really, so I should give their foundation a go again soon. X

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