Sims 4 || Useful Tips

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Okay I recorded a sims video but everytime I go to film the voice over I feel like it sounds so silly. I’ll try again soon but for now I thought I’d share some game hints with you. Although these aren’t cheats they can be helpful and make the game a little more user friendly.

  • Click ‘needs’ to fulfill them.ย If you have bigger families it can be hard to control what they’re doing all at once, especially if you have decided to focus on one particular Sim. If you want to quickly sort what a Sim needs you can click on any of the ‘needs’ and a task that will increase it will be added to the queue.
  • Move furniture wherever you want. Sometimes items can’t be placed exactly where you want them, limiting your creativity. But if you hold the ‘alt’ key whilst placing the furniture you’ll be able to move it wherever you want. This can be done with furniture and pictures which means you can place more than one in the same segment. Windows can also be moved freely up and down a wall.
  • Down-scale or Up-scale. I find this particularly usefulย  with rugs but it can be done with any piece of furniture. Before you set the item down pressing ‘shift’ + ‘}’ or ‘{‘ will make the piece either bigger or smaller depending on the one you have pressed.
  • Changing Sims lifespan.ย  This is more of a personal preference but I feel like the default Sims life is too short. I like to make my Sims lifespan long in the game settings and then I can age Sims up when I’m ready using a cake and candles. Obviously this depends on how you like to play the game.

I hope some of you find this a little bit helpful. I’ll try to re-record the voice over for the video footage if I get a chance. Let me know what kind of Sims 4 content you’d like to see.


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