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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I thought that I would create an inventory style post of all the categories of makeup that I own in case you were ever interested. Similar to a makeup collection I suppose, although mines not quite large enough to be deemed impressive. This way I can tell you a little about each product, how it wears, if I wear it regularly, do I recommend it, etc. To start with I thought foundations make the most sense as I don’t really have a primer collection, just a lot of samples and minis. Okay, let’s get into this.

Kat Von D, Lock It – £27

I never actually planned to buy this foundation but one of my best friends (shoutout to Jess) got this whilst on holiday in America. Long story short the colour doesn’t match her and so I brought it from her. The colour is a touch light for me as its shade light 44 cool but I generally wear this for heavy makeup when I’ll be applying bronzer and all that jazz to warm it up.

Things I like about this foundation are that it’s full coverage, basically a matte finish and doesn’t get oily for at least 6 hours. What I don’t like is that it flashes back… sometimes worse than others (even thought I use the same powder) but it definitely happens and whilst it doesn’t look cakey it can feel heavy on the skin.

As I mentioned I usually wear this foundation when doing heavy makeup for the evening. I don’t go to many parties and only just started going out as I turned 18 last Sunday so this foundation is yet to get a lot of wear. Although for the highend price it’s probably a good thing that this isn’t my everyday foundation. I recommend this if you would use a full coverage foundation and you have oily/combination skin. The foundation does feel heavy sometimes so if you hate that avoid this. You might want to give this one a pass if you have dry skin as I can imagine this is quite emphasising of those dry patches.



Rimmel, Match Perfection – £8.29

I got this foundation a few months ago now, you might even remember seeing it in a haul. I don’t know why I decided to try this one out, I think my friend (hi Caitlin) used it and I saw it on YouTube. Either way I’m not a huge fan of this one but let me explain why.

I rarely reach for this product as it feels thick without giving much coverage and it leaves my skin looking really textured. I know that not everyone will hate the finish and that it will look different for other people but for me personally it’s a no. I much prefer that smooth, airbrushed finished when wearing makeup especially if, like this formula, it’s going to feel heavy on my skin.

Without being completely negative there are some good things to say about this foundation. The colour matches me really well, there are 12 colours in the shade range so I think most people will be able to find something to fit them. The palest shade doesn’t seem that fair so pale girls you may struggle. Is it to basic to praise the price point? probably but it’s really the only other positive thing I have to say about this foundation…

I will give this another try as I haven’t done for a little while but as of right now I rarely use this. I’m also not sure that I recommend it to you as I mostly have negative things to say about this one.


The Body Shop, Fresh Nude – £16

I brought this foundation last summer and used it for a while before completely going off it. I don’t know why anymore so I can’t go into much detail on this one.

From what I can remember the longevity, coverage and weight of the formula was all great. But I’m pretty sure it was the textured look that this gave my skin which put me off. Personally I think there at foundations much more worth the money.

Maybe I’ll try this one out again and see how this goes for me. I have done a review previously but it was of a first impressions post. So let’s just see how a second test goes.


Revlon, ColourStay Combination/Oily – £12.99

I was heavily influenced to buy this foundation by the lovely Sophie from SophDoesNails. At one point this was her most talked about foundation, I feel I have a pretty similar skin type to her so decided to give this ago. I’ll just quickly say I’m glad I did.

I don’t use this foundation as regularly as I initially did but I do still reach for this at least once a week. What I love is that this actually looks good on my skin. I mean it looks like foundation but it doesn’t look cakey or overly plastic which makes it good for an everyday foundation. There is an amazing 22 colour shades in this range with some really dark and some really light making it really versatile. This formula is designed for combination/oily skin but I don’t feel that it’s better at oily control than a regular matte foundation.

The main reason I stopped using this as an everyday foundation (I think) is that it’s quite full coverage and that’s not what I go for day-to-day. Then when I do want a heavy, night time look I go for my Kat Von D Lock It.  I think I’ll use this one again and put a full review up soon as I’m curious as to why I stopped using this so regularly.


Maybelline, Fit Me (Matte & Poreless) – £6.99

This is my holy grail everyday foundation. I live for this stuff. Although I think it’s gone up in price as I swear I brought my first tube for £4.99… Either way it is still one of the cheapest yet high quality foundations available from the drugstore in my opinion.

I use this as my everyday foundation. On me it has a light/medium coverage however I believe my friend (shoutout to Jess again) has said she often builds this up to full coverage. The product effortlessly blends over the skin, leaving a smoothed out canvas that is still lifelike enough to leave without blush/bronzer/etc. It really is a matte foundation which helps a lot with my oily skin type. The shade range consists of 16 colours which do cover very light and pretty dark skin tones so I think most people would be able to find on that suits them.

The only little complaint I have is the packaging. I just don’t love the plastic tube thing this has going on. Before you yell at me that it does come in a glass bottle, this is only true for other countries. Us UK girls are dealing with the plastic tubes.



MAC, Studio Fix Fluid, £24.50

This was my New Years treat to myself. I haven’t played around with MAC makeup very much, in fact the only other product I’ve tried is their lipsticks. This foundation is always highly spoken about within the beauty community so I decided to test it out for myself, and I’m glad I did.

I love how this looks on my skin and the way it lasts too. The coverage is pretty much full coverage, maybe medium if you apply slightly less. I’ve been loving this as a weekend foundation, if that makes any sense. I usually wear this for work, out for meals or dates with Haydn. I love it. I like how it looks on me and the oil controlling features really help to keep me from looking shiny. It’s not an 8 hour wear foundation as it claims but it does have pretty good longevity.

I actually don’t think I have anything negative to say about the actual formula. But the packaging… Wow that annoys me. It doesn’t come with a pump so you have to pour it onto the back of your hand. the formula isn’t very runny so you sort of have to smack it against your hand which hurts. You can buy a pump from MAC for an extra £4.50. Just find it frustrating I’ll be honest.

Seriously though, I do recommend this foundation for anyone is looking for that entry level highend product. The product is unlikely to disappoint you, if you go in store the staff are friendly and very happy to colour match you so you get the right shade.


So there are all the foundations I currently have in my collection. I’m wanting to test out products from a wide variety of brands this year, so my collection will be growing but here’s a snapshot of right now.


17 thoughts on “Foundation Inventory || Makeup Collection

  1. I love the Maybelline FIT ME. Absolutely adore it. It feels like I have nothing on.
    I agree on the Rimmel Match Perfection. It’s a little bit too thick for me too. The prices are very low, by the way. In Euros, they are more expensive!
    Great review, I’d love to see your other categories of makeup!

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