ABH Modern Renaissance Palette || Makeup Lookbook

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Most people will be expecting something pink and romantic seeing as it’s Valentines day. Well I did upload a collab post with some looks which you’re welcome to check out. But overall Valentines day isn’t really my thing so I’m just gonna do what I would usually do on my blog. I wanted to share the look I created on my birthday as I loved it so much!


I used some of my favourite products to create this look including the much loved ABH Modern Renaissance palette. What I liked about this look is that it is blended and pretty but it still uses a darker colour on the outer corner to add definition.


The look is just so perfect for me and I know I’ll be recreating it a lot. Annoyingly I didn’t write down the steps to creating this look but I’m pretty sure this is the way I did it.


The only palette I used when creating this look was my ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

  1. Firstly, I took Warm Taupe on a Sigma Tapered Blending brush and ran the shade through my crease in order to create my transition shade for the rest of the look.
  2. I then wanted to make the crease a little bit warmer so I decided to add just a touch of Burnt Orange using the same brush.
  3. To add the drama to my outer corners I used a mix of Realgar and Red Ochre on another blending brush. You could easily make the look more dramatic by building up the colour in the outer corner. I also used a blend of these colours on my lower lash line to balance out my look.
  4. I wanted this to be a softer, shimmery look so decided that Primavera was the perfect shade to use across my lid.
  5. To finish up the look I took my outer corner blending brush again with the shade Realgar and smoothed the colours together. With my original crease brush I ran it through my crease again to blend the shimmer shadow outwards without adding anymore product.


P.S I am so annoyed that this image is blurry…

Aside from my eyes, I didn’t add much else to this look in terms of blusher or bronzer. The lipstick was my trusted MAC Velvet Teddy, which you know I love so so much. I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing more of these look book style posts recently. I’ve gotten a little more confident with taking photos of my makeup. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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