Space NK Birthday Gift || Freebies & Samples

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? The luxury makeup shop Space NK sent me a code to redeem a free birthday gift in store or online as part of their N.dulge customer scheme. I thought I’d share with you the little goodies I got inside. So let’s get into this.


At a quick glance the goodies I received where; Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, GlamGlow Supermud Cleaning Treatment and Cover FX Blurring Primer.


This Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray contains 30ml of product and is an exact miniature of the regular 250ml bottle. Online the product description says:

For those who crave fuller styles that endure throughout the day, this is an expert hair styling treat from the New York brand that started life in one small salon. Even fine hair will receive a volumising boost with this essential prepping spray. Use it before heat styling or blow drying to ensure the finished result serves up fresh-from-the-salon glamour. 

Personally I don’t use products like this in my hair but I am curious to see if it makes a difference so will likely give this a try and perhaps pass it onto some with slightly thinner hair if I don’t see any benefits. Although from its 3.7 star rating I’m hoping for good results.


The next product made me quite excited as I’ve heard a little bit about the brand Glamglow for skincare and it is always positive. This is the Supermud Clearing Treatment mini,  it contains 10g of product – a 5th of the full size which sells for £42. Online the description says:

Tackle the most common skin concerns easily with the cleansing Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. This most advanced clearing treatment is the go-to solution for oiliness, redness, scars, acne, in-grown hair, razor bumps and blemishes that leaves the skin feeling as pure and smooth as if it had been treated to a spa. 

Well doesn’t that sound nice? This has a 4.4 star rating so I’m hoping this does wonders for my acne prone, oily skin. I’m very looking forward to giving this a go after reading all that.


The third (and final) item is a makeup product which of course I was most happy to receive. This is the Cover FX Blurring Primer, this is a decent sized sample actually contain 5ml –  whilst the full sized contains 30ml. The full sized retails for a massive £30, who pays that much for primer? I’m very curious to see if this is anywhere near worth it. Online the description says:

Achieve ultra-smooth, airbrushed skin with Cover FX’s Blurring Primer, a lightweight and soft focus primer that works to calm the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and similarly unsightly imperfections for a look that won’t look out of place on the red carpet. Used underneath makeup this soothing, smoothing primer helps to diffuse the appearance of imperfections, including pores, wrinkles and textured creases, to create a flawless complexion; it becomes the perfect canvas for foundation and all manner of makeup products. 

I can’t say I massively struggle with fine lines or pores but this might help makeup not to sink into my smile lines or forehead creases, so we’ll give it a little go. The star rating is only a 3.3 on this one but there are only 3 reviews so not sure that’s very conclusive…

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these little goodies. I think they’re all very universal and most people would be pleased by them. Plus they were free so who can grumble at that! If you are living in the UK definitely sign up to Space NK’s N.Dulge scheme so you can get yourselves a little goodies bag on your birthday – the gifts change around regularly I believe so if you hate all of these you might still get something you like. Click HERE if you are interested – this post is in no way sponsored and the link isn’t an affiliate so don’t be put off by that.

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