Makeup Wish List || Spring 2018

Hey Guys,

I hope you are doing well? I’m a little bit of a makeup junkie if we’re being honest, it wasn’t until the end of last year that I really got into high end makeup – but now I’m addicted. I thought I’d create a list of all the things I wish I had the money to splurge out on just so I can fan girl over these products a little more… Let’s get into this.

To start with I thought I’d share a foundation. There’s one that I’m really keen to try out at the moment. The Two Faced Born This Way Foundation (£29). I’m likely to pick up Born This Way as I’ve heard good things about it for several years now especially for my oily skin type.

Two Faced Born This Way

I feel like everyone already has this next product but I don’t just yet and it’s something I’m so so keen to get my hands on!

ABH Dip Brow

The famous ABH Dipbrow Pomade (£19), naturally its the high price point that puts me off this product and the fact that it’s hard to colour match online. I’m like 90% sure I’ll own this by the end of the year…

Seeing as we’ve covered eyebrows I thought it now made sense to move onto eyelids. I’m a little bit of an eyeshadow addict and after receiving my first 2 highend palette (Modern Renaissance and Sweet Peach) for Christmas I’ve been on the look out for which ones will be my next purchases. P.S. before you bash me that Morphe isn’t truly ‘highend’ I’m aware I just don’t consider it drugstore and therefore wanted to include it.

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill

The Morphe X Jaclyn Hill is another cult classic that I really really want to add to my collection. Online this is sold for £37 which is crazy considering it’s the same size and quality as other Morphe palettes but over £10 more. This is another one which I’m 90% sure will be in my collection by the end of the year, I mean just look at all those gorgeous transition shades.

I’m sure so many of you will recognise this next palette….

Laura Lee Cats Pyjamas

The Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pyjamas Palette (£35). I love the shadows in this palette but here’s whats holding me back, there are only 10 shades which limits the looks I could creating; meaning if I were to travel I’d need to bring another palette with me. I also feel like a lot of the price tag is for the packaging – which is gorgeous – but I’d rather have a few extra shades.

Moving on to a couple of highlighters. Of course it is another ABH product… Can you blame me? I feel like the Sugar Glow kit palette doesn’t get talked about very much but I fricking love all 4 of the shades that are included. Available online for £41 this is definitely a high end product. But I think I’d be willing to try it seeing as the shades are all so gorgeous.

ABH Sugar Glow

The names of the shades also make me quite happy – Marshmallow, Gumdrop, Butterscotch and Starburst.

OFRA Rodeo Drive

I bet loads of you know what this product is before I’ve even named it! Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter. This beauty is sold for a massive £25 online which is slightly unbelievable and definitely the reason I haven’t brought it yet. But OMG the reviews of this are breathtaking, it actually makes me a little bit shook how pigmented this product is. I’m curious as to how the packaging feels though, from images it looks a little cheap but obviously I don’t own it so wouldn’t know.

The final product I want to show you is probably one of my favourites and something I’ve lusted over for at least 6 months.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbry’s Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Pillow Talk. There are no words. Its’s stunning and I love everything about it – except the price, £24! Let’s be real I’ll probably treat myself to this before the end of the year…

Okay, so those are a few of the products I find myself frequently lusting over. I’m flying to America later this year so might pick up some of these bit then, if I haven’t already ordered them online! What is your most wanted high end product right now? Let me know in the comments below.


23 thoughts on “Makeup Wish List || Spring 2018

  1. I have the ABH dipbrow and I just had to guess my colour too! I’ve found that it was good, but it dries out and no longer gives me what I need so I’ve been using a Soap & Glory one and not only is it faster, I think I might prefer it!

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  2. Great wish list!!! I tried the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and for me it was a big no. It was too orange-y for me, it was super greasy and I just wasn’t a fan. A lot of people love it though, so it must just not work for me. I own the Ofra Rodeo Drive highlighter and it’s gorgeous. Blinding as heck! I got it in a Boxycharm-one of my favorite highlighters ❤️

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