The Body Shop Foundation Review || Oily Skin Type

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? When I uploaded my foundation collection post I couldn’t remember why I stopped using The Body Shop Fresh Nudes foundation; I thought I’d put it to the test and re-review it. Obviously I don’t like this foundation, that outcome hasn’t changed but I figured it’d still be useful to share my thoughts.

When I initially reviewed this in March 2017 I gave it the thumbs up… but quickly stopped using it. In case you haven’t heard of this foundation here’s what the website claims:

  • 16 nature-inspired shades
  • Up to 24H moisturisation
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Semi-matte, fresh-faced finish
  • SPF 15
  • Suitable for sensitive skin & dermatologically tested
  • Helping you have a good skin day in 3 easy steps.

If I had read this before buying it, I probably would have avoided it as anything with added moisturiser in it usually means it won’t be good for oily skin. I do agree that this has light to medium coverage and gives a semi-matte finish… but I’d say it’s more on the dewy side.


What I find with this foundation is that as I layer it up to get more coverage the finish seems to become more dewy, although it does set matte with some powder. I think the reason it gets overly dewy (and greasy throughout the day) is because the more foundation I add, the more SPF I’m putting on my face meaning there are extra oils being added. This issue might be resolved with a beauty sponge but I’m doubtful. If I’m being really generous and trying to point out some positives then the foundation does come in a really nice class bottle with a good pump.

I wore this to school and it was A HOT MESS! I put it on at around 7:30 and by about 11 it was looking insanely greasy and had started separating to the point where my face just felt dirty… Not something I particularly love. It was awful, I actually used loo roll to wipe some of the product off my face in order to try and get the oils under control. The sad thing is that I can imagine this being a great formula for dry skin and maybe even combination (if it was on the drier spectrum). For £15 though I feel this was wasted money as I’m not sure if there is anytime that I would actually use this. I didn’t test this out with flash photography but I just know this would flash back, the SPF and oils this leaves on my skin are not a good recipe for success.

Overall, if like me you have oily skin (mines not even massively oily by the way…) then I wouldn’t recommend this in the slightest. Sorry if your not a fan of the negative posts but I’m just wanting to keep things real.


4 thoughts on “The Body Shop Foundation Review || Oily Skin Type

  1. Never be ashamed to put out a negative review! We are under no obligation to love things and if it’s disappointing there’s not much to be done. I love reading them, to be honest as it always provides a nice change from generated hype. That said, I have oily skin so I’m steering clear of this!

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