My Current Sims House || Interior Design

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I thought it was about time I upload some Sims 4 content. I figured some of you might care to see the Household I designed for my current household. My Sim family consists of 2 married adults and there 3 children – 1 teen and 2 children along with their cat and dog. I don’t want to share the entire household as that would get quite long so instead I’ve just included screenshots of the exterior and the bedrooms.


02-17-18_3-34-47 PM

02-17-18_3-39-52 PM

02-17-18_3-35-27 PM







I wanted my house to have a really modern feel to it so went with a grey exterior with white edging and a black roof. The back yard is very family orientated with a pool, monkey bars and lots of family sitting areas.

Master Bedroom

02-17-18_3-39-31 PM.png

This is probably the most boring room in the house. I wanted it to be spacious and have a high end vibe but not be ‘old’ or traditional looking… Hopefully my plant life adds a little something.

Son’s Bedroom

02-17-18_3-38-15 PM

I love the style I went with for this room. The black and red theme is really stylish and although it seems a little old for a child, I think it works. I added some clutter on the desk and draws but didn’t make the room over cramped with stuff.

Female Daughters Room (Child)

02-17-18_3-38-26 PM

I fricking love this room. It’s so stylish and girly. The room is actually quite small but using the BB.MoveObjects cheat I was able to move/rotate items until they fitted well. The exposed brick feature wall adds a more ‘urban loft’ kinda theme which I think is quite boho. This room has a little more clutter but most of that is preset and not actually added in.

Teenage Daughters Room

02-17-18_3-38-59 PM

This is my favourite bedroom of all. This really does have that boho vibe but is still very minimalist and modern. I just love this so much and spent quite a while thinking about it. I have a few different bits of wall art which leaves the floor bare and gives the illusion of space. A walk in closet (bottom left) was a great choice to as it fits really well into a corner space.

I hope you guys enjoyed having a little nose at current Sims house. If this post goes down well I think I’ll show of the other rooms in my house and maybe the Sims themselves.


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