Long Distance Relationship || Spending Quality Time Together Online

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I need to get into a better routine with uploading LDR related content but sometimes I feel like I don’t have any quality content… I don’t want to bore you guys. But having said all that I thought you might be interested in reading about the ways I spend virtual time with Haydn. Obviously the basic one is a video call so I won’t mention that. Enough intro, let’s get into this.

Being in a long distance relationship inevitably means you’ll be spending a lot of time apart meaning the internet will basically be your lifeline. There are two main apps I recommend to all LDR couples if you are looking for a way to spend ‘quality’ time together over the internet.

Firstly, the game ‘Quizup’. This is a multiplayer, mobile quiz player which allows you to compete against each other in real time. There are 1000s of pre-made quiz’s or from a desktop you can create your own. I love this because the rounds are quite short but it’s still a good laugh. We usually play whilst Skyping too so we can see and chat to each other about it at the same time, it can actually get quite competitive. I know that there are literally millions of Apps which can be played cooperatively but I love this one and have done for well over 2 years now so thought it was definitely worth recommending.

This is the real winner in my opinion. The app Happy Couple is a great way to learn about each other on a really personal level. Haydn is less keen on this one – I think it’s kinda girlie – but I love it. I actually think this would be good for all couples regardless of distance. You basically answer multiple choice questions for yourself and then the other person, the aim is to score points by picking the answer your partner chose for themselves. The points are added to your overall couple score and you are able to see the answers they gave to questions you have answered regardless as to whether you got them right or wrong. If you do get one wrong it can be an interesting discussion point, strengthening your communication as well as learning more about them.

Another, thing Haydn and I enjoy is watching a movie together. We usually Skype and pick a movie. Then we do the 3…2…1… play. This is a nice way to spend the time when you don’t have anything in particular to discuss. Especially as it can be quite relaxing and chilled out.

What do you guys enjoy doing? Leave me a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship || Spending Quality Time Together Online

  1. I love how committed you two are to making this work despite the distance. I’d imagine it probably makes you appreciate the time you have together even more! I’m so excited for you guys to close the distance and live happily ever after ❤️

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