Revision Tips & Methods || Exam Season

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Exam season still feels pretty far away but you know it’s going to come around so quickly. I don’t really know the age of all my readers but I’m gonna assume a lot of you, like me, are still in school. I’m actually in my last year of 6th form so this year’s kinda a big deal. I’ve been lucky enough to receive 4 unconditional Uni offers so there’s not as much stress but I’m still wanting to do well which means hard work. Last year I think I did a similar advice post about exams but this year I thought I’d share some of my tips and methods for revising and getting focused to revise. This intro is getting a bit much so let’s jump into this.

How To Revise:

  1. Know what you don’t know. I’m sure most of you will already be very aware of the course specification you are studying. I recommend getting a hard copy of the spec and highlighting the areas you’re not confident with.
  2. Make your own resources as in itself it will be a revision task. If you don’t know where to start with revision just pick something simple like key words, a case study, etc and make revision tools. I tend to just use revision cards and practice questions. Some people get on well with mind maps but they don’t work for me…
  3. Use online resources to your advantage. There are two main websites I 100% recommend to you; Get Revising and Quizlet. Get Revising is great for making a realistic revision timetable and because it’s digital you’re able to update it but there’s also an option to print if you want it. Quizlet enables you to make digital revision cards which you can then use in a variety of ways to help you learn. Some of my classes have even created groups to share all our study sets.

Motivating Yourself To Revise:

  • Remember your end goal/make an end goal. Even if you have an unconditional uni offer Alevel results will still be on your CV so always aim to have the best results you can.
  • By new, cute resources. Maybe other people won’t relate to this but when I buy new stationary it makes me excited to use it and therefore makes me want to revise.
  • Make it realistic and not making a schedule that allows for no down time is so so important in my opinion. On days where I say I’ll revise all day, I don’t but if I say I’ll do 2 hours or so then it’s way more likely to happen. Plus your brain does actually need down time in order to retain the revision you’ve just done.

Honestly, I’ve been struggling to get motivated myself so my list is a little short. Any tips of your own would be very appreciated!


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