Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette || Drugstore Dupe

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve started getting a little busier after school with revision so I don’t know if three posts a week will continue to happen, which is a shame as I’m so close to 1k followers. But that’s not the point of the post. Last summer I brought the New-Trals VS Neutrals palette from Revolution Makeup as I’d heard it was a good dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. Now that I have the ABH palette I thought I’d make this comparison for myself. So let’s get into this.


Okay so obviously the packaging isn’t similar other than the fact that the shadows are arranged in two rows. The Revolution Makeup palette is sold for £6.99, includes 16 shades and the packaging has a mirror. In comparison the ABH palette is £43 (Cult Beauty), includes 14 shades and has a mirror in the packaging. The price difference is the main think that stands out because the highend palette is insane. But even from packaging you can really feel that the RM palette is cheap as the ABH palette feels ridiculously luxurious.


Shade ranges are almost similar and I can see why they are often called a dupe. The warm tones with touches of orange and red look pretty alike in the pans. However, it is noticeable that there are way more shimmer shadows in the RM palette. The pan sizes look very different too, in the high-end palette each pan is 0.7grams and the drugstore palette pan size is 1gram. Not much difference considering how much bigger the pans appear to be in the drugstore palette.

The shadows themselves are both really pigmented, I find that in the ABH palettes all the shades surprise me although in the second palette I’m only ever impressed with the mattes as some of the shimmers are a little more patchy.



Okay so I tried to match up some of the shades I think are most similar by swatching drugstore on the left and highend on the right (in pairs). You can see that whilst a lot of the shades resemble each other a bit the tones are just a touch different. But I think it’s worthwhile noting that they all feel lovely and smooth and I don’t think the RM palette is lacking that much in comparison. I’m surprised that the most pigmented shade in the drugstore palette is the orange shade you can see on the far right, this actually felt more pigmented than the highend equivalent.

Do I think this is a dupe… I’m not so sure as a lot of what I call the ‘key Modern Renaissance colours’  aren’t the same. But if you want to play with similar colours to so how they suit you before buying the highend or even instead of the highend I think this would be completely sufficient. I don’t use the drugstore palette now that I have the highend version as they isn’t enough difference to justify needing both.

Below I’ve shown both palettes being used, one on either eye and honestly I don’t think you can tell which is high end and which is drugstore without me telling you.

I wish I could make my selfies as sharp as the rest of my photos but these are just taken on my phone. In the images the left hand side is Revolution Makeup and the right hand side is Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Hope you liked my comparison of these two palettes. What dupes have you played around with? Let me know in the comments below.


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