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Hey Guys,

I hope you are doing well? Ah it’s been so long since I’ve uploaded a beauty related post… Honestly life this week has been crazy! I collapsed Thursday morning from a pretty serious finger infection (that’ll teach me to bite my nails) and so have been back and forth to the doctors and hospital trying to sort myself out, luckily my amazing Mum has taken care of me. Anyways, despite all that I thought I’d write another little blog post sharing all the high-end beauty products I recommend.


My Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer is a must for me! I love this so much and the high-end price tag of £24 is insane but for me totally worthwhile. Having said that, I won’t use this as part of my everyday makeup as it is just so pricey but overall it’s a great product. By the way if you want to read full reviews of these products I will linkthe ones I have uploaded at the end of this post.

I couldn’t pick just one lip product as in the last 6 months I’ve added quite a few new ones to my collection. On the high-end side that includes Two Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick (Shade: Sell Out), M.A.C Matte Lipstick (Shade: Velvet Teddy) and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick (Shade: Pillowtalk). The prices of these are all high-end however at £17.50 the M.A.C Lipstick is most ‘affordable’. I recommend all three of these for different reasons. The pigment in T.F Liquid Lipstick is incredible, Charlotte Tilbury formula is so so buttery and likewise M.A.C’s is not drying and pretty pigmented.


If you guys have read my blog posts over the last couple of months you won’t be surprised to see Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette in this list. I know it’s like £43 which is CRAZY but the colours are so pigmented and buttery I can’t explain how good it is. When I use this palette I feel so empowered. If you are on the fence about this and the price point doesn’t scare you into a hole then I’d definitely give it a go, maybe test out a friends to see how it works first.


The Two Faced Sweet Peach palette got a lot of hype when it first entered the beauty community and honestly I feel like that hype should have continued. I love this palette so much, it’s slightly cheaper than the ABH palette at £39. Although, if you live in the UK this is sold in Debenhams and I’ve seen it on sale before for as little as £25 so be sure to try and find a voucher or a deal if you do purchase this. What I like about this is the versatility of all the shades, you can honestly create so many looks whether they are everyday or night time eyes. This has actually become an everyday palette for me, I love the quality of the shades (crazy pigmentation) and there are enough warm tone neutral shades to create a pretty everyday eye look. I use this palette more than my ABH Modern Renaissance as it does have those more natural, lighter shades that are everyday appropriate.


My final product recommendation is the M.A.C Studio Fix fluid, I love this product so much! My skin is a bit too light for this right now but as soon as I catch a little more tan I will be wearing this everyday. The foundation looks flawless on my skin and I’ve used it so so often when taking photos of my makeup. This one is £24.50 which isn’t massively high-end but obviously is higher price than drugstore.

Read full products reviews on all of these products here:

I hope you guys enjoyed this little beauty post. I’m trying really hard to fit blogging into my busy revision schedule but I need to focus on my Alevels right now so I make no promises. Also as I post this I’m just 6 followers away from 1000! Which is crazy, so if you are new here please follow and help me reach this goal,


10 thoughts on “Highend Products I Own & Love || Beauty Products I Recommend

  1. I completely agree with some of these products! Love my MAC lipstick, Modern Renaissance palette and Studio Fix but I’m all up for finding good drugstore dupes too! Great post lovely!

    Jess //


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