Revolution Re-Loaded Palette First Impressions || Drugstore dupe for ABH Subculture

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I still can’t believe I hit 1000 followers recently, but of course I’m now looking forward to hitting my next goal of 1.5k. I’ve actually really been getting into Twitter recently so if you like that platform be sure to follow me. Aside from that, for this post I wanted to review the Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution) Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Division. I’ve seen it on a few different blogs recently, I’ll be sure to link some at the end, and I was intrigued. I picked this up on Monday and was actually shocked that it’s ONLY £4 at Superdrug.


Of course when you spend £4 on a product you really can’t expect much from the packaging. It’s cheap and flimsy plastic but it shuts securely and doesn’t feel like it’ll snap from general use. The lettering on the front will likely be scratched off over time making it look a bit messy but that’s really not a problem.


The palette has a total of 15 different shades, 3 shimmers and 12 mattes. The shades don’t have names so it’s a little tricky to point which colours I’m talking about, but my eye is instantly drawn to all the blue, purple and yellow tones in the palette as these are unique in my collection. There is a noticeable comparison between this palette and the ABH Subculture, particularly in the shimmer shades, dark blues and yellows (all the shades that I feel give the Subculture palette it’s vibe).


Swatches! As you can see a lot of the shades have high pigmentation, some are a little patchy and crumbly but overall I’m pretty impressed. Considering that there are 15 shades for £4 that means each shadow is about £0.27p, I don’t know where you’d finder cheaper shadows with this much quality. Out of the ones I have swatched, the shimmers are a lot more pigmented than the matte shades; this is usually the case for drugstore palettes. What’s nice to see is all the shades are true to their colour in the pans (from what I’ve swatched). I noticed a considerable amount of fallout from the darker shades so it’ll be interesting to see how they apply to the lids.

Overall, I’m so looking forward to playing with these shadows. The packaging isn’t of great quality, but for the price I’m really not disappointing. I’m so excited by the colour selection in the palette as I haven’t ever played with shades like this before. A lot of the shades are dark though so I imagine this will mostly be used as a night look palette. I will be using this palette in a look-book post soon, so if you want to see some inspiration with these shades then be sure that you are following (the subscription box will be at the side or bottom).

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See you guys in my next post!




16 thoughts on “Revolution Re-Loaded Palette First Impressions || Drugstore dupe for ABH Subculture

  1. Hi lovely. Great post, this is a lovely little palette for the price isn’t it! I must admit I haven’t actually used it since I did my review though! So sorry I didn’t reply to the comment you left on my post a while back – it went into my spam and I’ve only just seen it! Thanks so much for linking back to my post, I really appreciate it!

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