Revolution Brow Tint || Review And Product Testing

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve been really crap at uploading recently and until I finish my exams I’m not sure I’ll get much better at a keeping to a schedule. But that’s okay – a lot is happening over the Summer so there will be loads of posts going up in the near future. Anyways, I do have a post for you now. There have been so many new Revolution makeup launches that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for ages so as soon as I saw the Brow Tint in stock I had to pick it up. There are three different shades too chose from; Taupe, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. I picked up the shade Dark Brown as it was the only one in stock although I had initially wanted Medium Brown.


The packaging is very basic, but this is expected from a ยฃ5 product. The screw lid feels secure thought which is probably most important so you don’t get dye everywhere. It’s a pretty small product so you could easily travel with it if you wanted to.


Here’s what the brand has to say about the product:

Get #browsfordays with Revolution Brow Tint. Paint on and peel off for brows that last up to three days.

Apply product to clean brows. Brush the gel formula over the brow hair. Leave to develop for up to two hours. Peel and pull the product from the start of the brow, until product is fully removed. Brush out excess product with an eyebrow comb. To shape and define brows, apply the product to a Revolution Flex Brush, 05 Brow and Shape, for defined brows on fleek!

I’ve never tinted or dyed my brows before so I watched a few videos to see what methods worked best for people first. The hairs on my brows are very sparse so I wanted to dye the skin too meaning I should use a angled brush to help me define the shape. If you already have thick eyebrows and a good shape you’d probably be able to use the brush that comes with the product. I took my usual brow brush and created the shape I wanted, then used the applicator it came with to fill in the rest.


I was pretty terrified of my brows as I really didn’t want them to be that dark… But you can’t really tell how they will be until the dye has fully developed. It takes up to 2 hours for the product the fully dry down. I left it for about 1 hour 45 minutes before attempting to peel it of. I found the best way to get the product of is to gently pick it with the nail at one end until it comes up and you can then just peel the rest off.


I think the end result is incredible! I wish I’d taken a picture of my brow before I started but trust me I hardly have any real brow hair and most of it is quite light. Now my brows are much fuller and darker. I think I would still add some pomade to them as I like my brows quite dark but if I was running late or feeling lazy I honestly wouldn’t worry. This should last three days but I’ll insert pictures below of day 2 and 3 so you can see for yourself.

I 100% recommend this product – I’m really impressed with it. Next time I use it I think I’ll apply a much thicker layer to try and get a darker outcome. Overall, very happy with this product and am even more impressed with the price and how easy it was to use. As well as this, I think they lasted pretty well for a ยฃ5 home dye kit!


12 thoughts on “Revolution Brow Tint || Review And Product Testing

    1. Don’t be scared, mine are awful without drawing them on I really don’t look like I have eyebrows. I recommend trying it for sure. If you hate it you only have it for like 3 days and could scrub it off if it was that bad x

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    1. I was terrified the first time but have used it for a second time and it honestly is so easy! Even if you do it so so wrong you can scrub it off or just wait the three days that it’ll last x


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