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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s been quite a while since I posted something long distance related so I figured it was about time to upload something new. If you want some ideas on making it easier then you’re reading the right post. I’ve actually gathered some of these ideas from the LDR community over on Instagram (@211_miles) so I’ll be sure to give credit to everyone and you should definitely check them out. I’ve tried to include ideas for couples that have and haven’t met so hopefully there is something for everyone.


This was the first one I saw and what actually inspired this whole post. On Adam’s and Jennie’s Instagram @vii.xiv.mmxiii they shared a picture of their hands traced onto a piece of paper. I think this is such a great way to feel closer to your love when you’re miles apart. You can draw the outline of their hand and put your own on top of it so you can focus on the memory of holding their hand. Also if you are yet to meet up this is a great way to make a virtual relationship, real as you can see actual sizes. Your partner can simply post you a trace or include it as part of a larger gift box. If you can’t post it then trace your hand, scan it in and email it your partner who can then print it off for themselves.

Hand Traces


Okay, maybe I’m trying to be to clever with the titles but this one is actually really cool if you are yet to meet your partner haven’t met yet. I can’t remember whose Instagram I saw this on so if you know please let me know so I can give credit. What you need to do is measure your height, use a piece of string and cut it so that it’s the same height as you. Then you just send this off to your partner so they can see how tall they are in comparison. Similar to before if you can’t post just measure yourself and send your measurements online and then a piece of string can be cut by them.


I love this one and it’s actually something that Haydn and I do quite regularly. Online multiplier games aren’t just for teenagers, they can actually help you and you S/O feel closer. There are millions of options to suit what you prefer. My personal favourite is the app QuizUp, this has literally 1000s of different multiple choice quiz options you can play. Warning though – this can get competitive. Lately, Haydn and I have been enjoying Left 4 Dead 2, a PC game which you can play together and try to survive a zombie apocalypse.


One of the best feelings is coming home to a letter or gift in the mail from Haydn. I love it! Especially if I’ve had a hard day. When you send a letter I reccomend keeping it a secret so that your partner will be surprised. If you don’t want to write a love letter then other sites such as SendNod offer services which help you send something a little more creative. Over the time I’ve known Haydn we’ve sent letters, little gifts, post cards and even flowers in order to remind each other that distance can’t stop us from being us.



This is pretty basic but the key word here is regular. Have a little schedule for when you are both free, even if you can only plan a couple of days in advance it’ll help you guys maximise your time together as well as have little things to look forward to. Thanks to @facetimekisses for sharing their image with me!

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-29 at 6.33.18 PM


This is really a key one, particularly for Haydn and I. I love to know when I will be seeing him next, it gives me something to look forward to and something to motivate me through. We usually always discuss when our next visit will be on the day that one of us is leaving the other, kind of like a silver lining to going home. You can then set up a countdown on an app or in a calendar to give you a physical image one how long it is until you next see them – even if you visits aren’t certain put in an estimate as you can always change it.


This is my personal favourite and one that I’ve done since the very start of my relationship with Haydn. Creating a book full of things from your relationship, plane tickets, little trinkets, card, small gifts. Anything and everything can go in. I know that a lot of people do scrapbooks but I prefer a box, as you can keep the 3D objects as well, not just pictures and paper. Although this isn’t something you can specifically do to together, looking through it when you are feeling distant or lonely can definitely help you feel closer to your love. Top tip: get a cotton pad and spray it with his/her perfume so when you open it everything smells like them!


I hope you find some of thee suggestions helpful. If you give any a try please show me pictures! You can Tweet me @charliestar0402 or Insta DM me @211_miles. Haydn and I will be together next weekend so if you have any post ideas that we could do together please let me know.





11 thoughts on “Making Distance Easier || LDR Recommendations

    1. I think it’s easier if the relationship has always been long distance ❤ we've never known any different – plus we have monthly visits longest we've ever waited is 40 days! Although having said that I'm very excited to be moving in together in 9 weeks xoxo


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