Swimwear And Small Boobs || Mini Rant

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Summer is very fast approaching and of course I’m not one to complain; sunny skies, tans and warmer evenings are all things I look forward to. But there is one element of the seasonal change that every year leaves me feeling down about my body – buying a new bikini. Pretty much every clothing shop has a new range in and I can’t help but feel like my body type isn’t really considered ‘sexy’ or ‘attractive’ this time of year. Don’t get me wrong I love my figure, long legs and a small stomach aren’t things to complain about. My issue here is solely with having small boobs.

The thing I’ve noticed is that when most things are small it’s considered ‘cute’. Short girls = cute, tiny crop tops = cute, small boobs = not so much. Models sporting bikinis are usually at least a B cup which is great if you too are that size or bigger, but when you’re an A or AA you really don’t have the cleavage like models do so picking a style that will look good on you is really hard.


I’m going on a sunny holiday this year which means I need multiple swimwear options but picking the right ones isn’t easy. If I buy one with no padding I feel like a prepubescent 12 year old running around in a two piece (and full costumes are even worse) but yet push ups or padding make me feel like the top could fly off at any moment. We have curvy models and ‘regular’ models but I think there needs to for a variety of boob sizes for swimwear/bras/bralette.

In case like me, you are a part of the small boobs club, these are the bikini styles that I find work best for me (and make me feel most confident).


The two bikini tops are from New Look. The tropical one has a folded overlay which I think draw the attention away from the fact that my boobs are tiny, I bought this a couple of years ago so it’s not available anymore but I’m sure you can find similar. The pink one isn’t push up but has structured padding to help give me a little shape and I feel like my age when I wear this as opposed to an 11 year old. The costume (below) was a present from my boyfriend (he knew I wanted it), this one is probably the one that makes me feel most nervous in because I do look quite flat; although I actually think small boobs look better in this kind of style so I’m not mad at it.


The Products:

New Look, pink bikini – HERE

River Island, black cut outs costume – HERE

Maybe you guys can relate to this, maybe not. I just wanted to have a little rant as every year I feel the same way when it comes to buying swimwear. Having said that, this year was quite easy because I’m feeling good in myself but other years it’s been an absolute confident’s crisis.




13 thoughts on “Swimwear And Small Boobs || Mini Rant

  1. It’s so weird because I’m on the other side of the scale and have the same problem, just the other way around! I never feel like high street shops like New Look and all of those cater to girls with bigger boobs / hips, so I always have a nightmare finding anything :/ love the options you have managed to find though, they’re gorgeous! xx

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  2. I learned to appreciate my small bust honestly. I have been an A cup ever since I was 13 and I’m 22 now. Nothing has changed. One year when I was a kid, I wrote a letter to “Santa” asking him to give me boobs when I get older. Needless to say, I’m still freakin waiting for that to happen. My hips are also big so I have a pear shaped body. I’ve always hated it, but I’m learning to accept it more and more each year. I have been working out more and learning how to appreciate what my body can do instead of dwelling on what it doesn’t look like. I am still that girl that refuses to take off her swim trunks at the pool/beach lol.

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  3. Funny enough, despite being on the petite side of the scale when it comes to height, my boobs definitely haven’t followed that pathway.πŸ’“ Instead they’re my biggest feature, I don’t flaunt them because that’s just not me – however they’re pretty hard to miss at times! This makes me so skeptical when purchasing bikinis, because I’m so scared they’re just going to ‘flop’ out, and then I’ll definitely have unwanted attention!! how embarrassing would that be, but knowing my ability to have a lot of bad luck, I’m sure it’ll happen one day. These look gorgeous, I’m definitely going to have a look at ’em! Thanks for posting Darling🌸😘

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