Alevels, Makeup and Closing The Distance || Life Chat

Hey Guys,

I hope you are doing well? You might be surprised to see a post from me as I haven’t uploaded anything in two weeks. Life has been really busy, I know I always use this as my excuse but my Alevel exams are less than 2 weeks away, I fly to Florida in 17 days and on the 6th July I move in with Haydn.

Exam season felt like it took forever to approach and now that its here its slipping away from me so quickly that I can’t even find the time to write a new post. I’m getting more and more nervous as the date of my first exam nears, unfortunately (or luckily depending on how you look at it) all five of my 2.5 hour exams have fallen into one horrible week. I mean hey at least they will be over and done with quickly but I wish I had more time to prepare between each one. Watching everyone, including myself, stress out really isn’t helping me cope with the nerves.

With exams and just everything else being particularly busy I have found myself wearing less and less makeup. I’m at the point now where I go to school most days without anything on my face. I don’t know if its the season change or the business of my brain but I’m just not in the mood to put my makeup on. Hence there haven’t been any product reviews for a little while… I still need to talk about the PS Eyeshadow Palettes – *spoilers* the 60p individual shadows are incredible.

I’m heading to Florida in 17 days time and whilst I’m there I’ll be hitting up Sephora, Ulta and pretty much anywhere that sells makeup; I’m sure a pretty big haul will land during that time. Aside from makeup posts my boyfriend (Haydn) and I are hoping to capture quite a lot of footage of our travels around Florida so they’ll be videos and really cool adventure posts coming very very soon.

Basically this summer is going to be the best, I just need to get through the next 2.5 weeks, finish my exams and jet of to the US. I think by that point I might actually be able to take a deep breath and clear my head again.

Of course, a key point of summer is going to be my long distance relationship turning over a new chapter as we close the distance and live together. I want to do more dedicated posts about all that (including a homeware haul) so I won’t give too much away in this. However, everything so far is going to plan and I am on track for moving up on the 6th July.

I know I’ve been totally inactive for a few weeks and that’ll continue for a few more… but I promise I’ll be back over summer with more posts than ever. Thank you for the continued support. See you soon.


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