What’s in my hand luggage? || Long Haul Flight Packing List

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I am officially exam FREE! Now that I have time to think about something that doesn’t revolve around geography I’m actually able to produce content again. Yay, I’ve really missed working on my little blog!

As many of you might already know my boyfriend and I are flying to Florida on Monday. Obviously this 9 hour flight is a little daunting and whilst I’m not exactly looking forward to it, I know that what I’ve packed in my hand luggage will help to make this flight as comfortable as possible. So lets talk about what it is I am travelling with.

DSC_5433 First the obvious, my travel documents and purse.  A good tip that I always use when travelling is try to carry half your money in hand luggage and half in your suitcase; that way if either go missing you aren’t left with nothing. P.S. I know there are out documents I need but I didn’t want all my personal details out here for the world to see…

dsc_5442.jpgIn terms of tech I actually feel I’m travelling quite light. I have my Samsung Tablet, a portable charger and my Beats Solo³. Yes, my headphones are rose gold and I’m FRICKING in love with them. Initially I was going to pack my Nikon camera, but I worked out how many days I would actually used it versus how much space it would take up and decided it’s not worth it.


Liquids are something I feel a lot of people over pack when flying. I’m literally packing 4 things and know that I will use every single one. My pack includes; wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a lip balm and solid perfume (I don’t know if this counts as a liquid?). I’m seriously not going to use stuff like a face moisturizer or mini skin care products on the plane, so I’m not taking them in hand luggage.

Another section of products I’m packing, but forgot to photograph, is a mini first aid kit and just random bits and bobs. I’ve got things like plasters, paracetamol, a nail file, tissues. Basically I have a small (ish) makeup bag stuffed with things I might not need but want to have because if I do need them I’ll be super annoyed that I have don’t have them, if that makes any sense…


This potentially looks like the worst item aesthetically BUT, it’s probably the one I’m most excited about. This is a mini, memory foam pillow! I get really bad jaw ache and just generally find it hard to be comfortable when travelling so my Mum brought me this to try and conquer those issues. I’m so so excited to try this out, because it’s memory foam it shrinks down small making it perfect for traveling.




I’ve decided to include a few beauty bits so that once we land I’ll be able to make myself feel like a human again. We leave for the airport at 5am so there’s no way I’m doing my makeup at that time. I’ve packed The Body Shop all-in-one face-base, a mascara and an eyebrow pencil. Along with a mini hairbrush and some hair bands.


DSC_5443 Finally, to give me another form of entertainment I’ve gone a little bit old school and included some books. I’ve got a puzzle book, Disney’s Little Book Of Magic (which if you are planning a trip to Disney you should definitely request as its free and get you super excited for the holiday) and The Beauty and the Beast novel which I really want to read.

That pretty much sums up everything I will have in my hand luggage when flying long haul this year. Obviously the day of flying I will have some snacks and a bottle of water. I hope this gave you a good insight into what I’m packing for the flight, I try to pack lightly and only include things I know I’m actually going to use or want. Now that I’ve finished my exams I have the whole summer to look forward to and wow do I have a lot of exciting event’s coming up. Be sure you are following so you can keep up to date with my posts!


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