American Makeup Haul || Summer Makeup Purchases

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know I’ve recently gotten back from my summer trip to Florida, of course whilst I was there I had to pick up a few beauty bits that are difficult to get hold of in the UK. My favourite store was definitely ULTA because it has makeup for all price ranges. Although I did love Sephora, TJMaxx and the drugstores like CVS too. Soo let’s just jump into what you’re all really here to see!

I figured the best way to organise it would be by store, I’ll add the prices of the items and try to find links where my UK readers can buy these products.


The first item isn’t something that I’d actually heard of before seeing it in store but I loved the shades and hadn’t tried the brand previously so figured it was a good time to test the quality out seeing as it was a decent price. For $19.99 I picked up the LORAC Unzipped Mountain Sunset palette. This beauty has 6 shimmers and 4 matte shades, although all these shades are really wearable they do step away from the classic, warm tonned neutrals; which I like because I don’t have shades like these in my collection already. I just want to add that this palette is still being sold on for $42 so I think I got a great deal.

Still from TJMaxx but from a different store, I found the ABH matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Ashton. I got this for just $7.99 whilst literally next door in Sephora it was being sold for $20! Bargain. I don’t know how much wear I’ll get out of this product, it’s a light brown nude shade, but I still think that considering how cheap I got it, it’s worth it.



CVS sells drugstore makeup and in store I was able to pick up a few things from Wet ‘n’ Wild which I’m really excited to try out. First of, I wanted to grab the Photo Focus foundation because a lot of the Youtubers I enjoy have said that for $5.99 (£4.50) it’s the best available. I picked up the shade Soft Beige which will be a little light for me whilst I have a tan but that’ll fade pretty quickly and I want this foundation to work for the majority of the year.


Another product that I wanted to try out is the MegaGlo Highlighting Powder. I decided to go for the shade Golden Flower Crown which is apparently new to the collection but I don’t know how true that is. This was crazy cheap at $4.99 (£3.78) so my expectations aren’t high but online reviews are great so that I’m hoping for the best.


The third product from Wet N Wild which I grabbed is Icon Eyeshadow palette in the shade Rose in the Air. This is a pretty mini product but it has 10 different pans with all wearable shades. As the palette name suggest the shades are mostly rosey, warm tones but they are basically all natural shades. The palette was only $6.99 (£5.30) which is crazy cheap and works out about $0.70 (£0.53), I don’t think I should set my expectations high but I am excited to give it a try.


Finally, I picked up 3 of the Wet N Wild brushes because to my amazement they there $0.99 each! I grabbed a small angled brush, crease shadow brush and a flat shadow brush.



I initially planned to spend a lot more in Sephora but once you read everything I got from Ulta you’ll understand. I picked up the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in shade Trendsetter, this was a whole $20, for a lipstick, but I had to try the formula. I thought this shade looked super cute under the bright store lighting but in natural lighting, well let’s just say it’s way more brown-toned I anticipated. I don’t dislike the colour on me, I’m just not use to seeing it on me – hopefully I can get use to it because after one use I already know I love the formula.


I know that this next brand is really easy to get hold of in the UK but I wanted it anyway… The Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara has been on a lot of people’s highly recommend list for ages so I figured it was about time I tested it out. Particularly, as my beloved Benefit Roller Lash has nearly completely dried up. I got the full sized version for $23 which works out around £17.50 which I think is a pretty good deal seeing as its £23 on the Two Faced website. I’ll definitely be giving you guys a review and comparison to the other high end mascara I love.



ULTA Beauty:

I’ve definitely saved the best till last here. To kick this off let’s start by saying that there was a tonne of makeup I could have brought from this store… I really wanted to get some stuff from Covergirl, Tarte and Morphe but my budget was running a little skimpy by this point. The store I went to actually had stock from the brand ColourPop and I think my heart skipped like 5 beats when I saw the makeup stand. You hear so much about ColourPop on social media but living in the UK makes it hard to get hold of because of shipping prices and then paying taxes when it arrives that it’s not really worthwhile, especially if like me you’re on a bit of a budget.

I decided on two matte liquid lipsticks for $6.50 (£5) each. The shades I’ve got are Bumble (left) and Sunday (right). Bumble is a warm, pinky nude which I’ll be able to wear as an everyday shade. I love a nude that adds a little bit of colour because I’m lucky to have full lips and want to show that off. The second shade I picked up was Sunday, similarly to Bumble this is a pink, nude shade however this is a lot more lighter and muted. I have no idea if this kind of colour will suit me but I really wanted to add a light nude like this to my collection and this seemed like a good time.

The other items I picked up from ColourPop are the ones I’m most excited about – eyeshadow palettes! Initially I went in a just picked up one but then a few days later I realised I was missing the other one so had to get it as well. The first one I picked up is simply stunning, the Give It To Me Straight palette combines all the colours I love from the ABH Modern Renaissance and Two Faced Sweet Peach palettes. The palette has 7 mattes and 5 shimmers, all of which are shades I will use. For $16 (£12) I couldn’t resist! The shade names are super sassy too which I think is a really nice touch and ties in well with the palette name; BS, Truth Hurts and Be Blunt.


The second palette I picked up was another 12 pan, $16 (£12). The palette Yes, Please! both sits in and pushes me out of my comfort zone which I quite like. Some of the shades are everyday naturals for me, such as; Champs, Pull Zip and Big Cocktails. Whilst other are shades I haven’t played around with much but would like to; Louie, Chauffeur and Mischief. My only complaint about this palette and it’s actually the reason I didn’t buy it on day one, is that I don’t really like the packaging… The front doesn’t say the name and the shade names aren’t printed next to the pans like with the other palette I picked up. But, despite that I obviously liked it another to spend my dollar on.


I hope you liked this little haul post! Over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading reviews, first impressions and looks using these products so be sure that you are following so you can know the scoop on these summer beauties.

Before you leave check out reviews on the following products:




9 thoughts on “American Makeup Haul || Summer Makeup Purchases

  1. As if the ULTA you went in stocked Colourpop! I’ve always wanted to try their products but don’t want to pay crazy amounts for shipping and taxes, that Yes Please palette looks gorgeous I’ve wanted that since I saw it! You got that ABH lipstick for such a great price too, America have way more choice for makeup than we do here in the UK and it’s so frustrating!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so pumped when I found the Coloupop stand I can’t even tell you! I’m gonna have reviews for everything flowing onto my blog as soon as I have WIFI set up in my new place xox


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