Friction Free Shaving (FFS)|| Razor Subscription Box

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m actually so excited to be sharing this post because I’m really enjoying this brand at the moment and think you’re going to love them too! I recently found the brand Friction Free Shaving on Instagram and after about 5 minutes I’d signed up and paid; this is really not like me, in fact it’s my only subscription – but I couldn’t resist.

Last year my boyfriend joined a shaving club where he received a personalised razor and now every few months he gets new blades. I thought this was such a cool idea but didn’t know of any female equivalents… Income Friction Free Shaving. This brand is totally #Insta with its rose gold, pastel colour and marble theme. I couldn’t resist! Obviously the look of their social media account wasn’t the only reason I signed up there are actually a few reasons why I decided this was a great deal to buy into and why I think you should too.


Firstly, the price was really what sold me, in this first box I’ve received the razor body and 4 heads for £9. By comparison at Sainsburys 4 replacement razor heads alone are £9 and in this I was able to get the razor as well. For my account plan I’ve opted for a delivery of 4 new razor heads every 2 months which means I can change them every other week without having to remember to buy more.

Remembering to buy razors is something that I definitely wouldn’t do so again a subscription was really a great option for me. Equally, I don’t have to go anywhere to buy them and I really value my own time so anything that can make day to day life easier is a win win for me. Apparently you are suppose to change your razor head every one-two weeks?! I had no idea.

I wouldn’t say I’m a crazy eco-conscious person BUT, I love nature and the natural world and have recently been making better decisions to be a better consumer. Disposable razors aren’t natures friends because the plastic is made cheaply using unsustainable methods and will take many many decades to decompose. With these razors you only replace the heads making it much more manageable, the body of the razor is metal so will be more durable than typical razors with replaceable heads.


Obviously I have to talk about the design, I love when products and packaging are made to be pretty. I honestly want to use this razor because it looks cute. It’s fricking rose gold and even has my last name engraved into it. Engraving is usually £6 but if you want it for free then use my referral code Charlotte Parker. I benefit from £2.50 credit if you do use it but if you don’t support referrals like this then you can pay the £6 or skip engraving.

Finally, it’s modern. We love having things delivered and even if it is just razor heads having it brought to your doorstep rather than going round a store definitely adds an element of fun to shaving. You can even add to your parcel if you wanted with shave cream, pre-shave scrub and post shave balm. These products can also be swapped into your box instead of the blades if you don’t need more that time round.


Maybe I just get overly excited when things are rose gold and have my name on them… but can you blame me? This stuff is cute! I’ve been putting so much effort into my Social Media lately and I’d love for you to come and follow my journey over on Instagram – @Charliestarblogs

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