Morphe 350 Palette First Impressions || Makeup Review & Eye Look

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? On Wednesday 18th July I found out Morphe was going to be leaving Beauty Bay which meant DISCOUNTS! I haven’t tried anything from Morphe before but have had this particular palette on my list for nearly a year so I figured with it down to just £17 now was the right time to give it a go. The palette is usually sold for £23 so I thought £6 was a pretty good saving, plus delivery was free. Before we jump into a review I want to make a little side note that Morphe is still available from Cult Beauty so even after this brand breakup it will still be easily accessible in the UK.

After ordering my parcel it arrived just two days later which was pretty great considering I didn’t pay for delivery. Every time I order makeup online I am so so fearful that it will arrive faulty or wrong in some way. Beauty Bay packages items so so well and I had no reason to worry. There was bubble wrap around the packaging and then more inside the packaging around the palette itself. Absolutely everything was perfect upon arrival.


The packaging for Morphe is really sleek and simple. It uses a two tone colour palette of just black and white which I think makes it look very modern. However, for 35 eyeshadows £26 (at full price) is pretty cheap, around 65p per eyeshadow, so unsurprisingly the packaging feels a little flimsy and doesn’t include a mirror. I wouldn’t travel with this palette because of the size so it doesn’t bother me that the packaging doesn’t feel robust, for me it doesn’t need to be.



The 350 palette has in my opinion the perfect colour range. They are all warm tones, mostly naturals and there are a few pops of warm orange/red shades. As much as I love the range there are a few colours, particularly the dark browns which seem to be very close copies of each – perhaps a little more variety could have been included but they are all slightly different so maybe if I was better at makeup the 6 different shades of dark brown would be important to me. To my calculations there are 11 shimmers, 20 mattes and 4 satin shades. I like this breakdown a lot as I definitely favour matte shades more but still like to include a shimmer or two in every look. Frustratingly the shades don’t have names which is why I’ve decided not to swatch every single shadow and instead I’ve picked out a few of my favourites to show off. The mattes are very creamy and swatch smoothly, the shimmers don’t feel buttery smooth but they swatch well; that pink shade in the middle of my arm is literally incredible.


I really enjoyed using these shadows to create an eye look. I feel like both the mattes and shimmers performed well. I wanted to create a looking using the brown and golden tones as I feel these would be some of the most popular shadows and shades which I could compare to other palettes at different price points such as ABH Modern Renaissance and Revolution Newtrals VS Neutrals. The transition shades I went for were easy to work with, not to pigmented that the colour was uncontrollable and the formula blended well.


I really wish I knew how to take better photos of my look but I’ve tried my best…
Anyways, what I noticed when using these shadows that there was a lot of kickback both in the pans and on the brush. As I was tapping of excess product on my brush loads would fly up into the air which felt weird considering I’d barely touched the shade in the pan. But considering the quality is so great I’m definitely not complaining in the slightest.

Morphe 350 open

I love the look I achieved with this palette and can’t wait to play around with it some more. The only downside is that the size of the palette makes it less than ideal for travelling but then the variety of colours is nice to have all in one place. I’ve been putting so much effort into my Social Media lately and I’d love for you to come and follow my journey over on Instagram – @Charliestarblogs

Before you leave check out a eye look tutorial using the Morphe 350 palette!


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6 thoughts on “Morphe 350 Palette First Impressions || Makeup Review & Eye Look

    1. Yeah the shades are comparable to a lot of other palettes but I’m really glad I was able to pick this up whilst it was cheap. Even at full price I think this is worth it 😘


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