Morphe 350 Eye Look || Palette Tutorial

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I hope you are doing well? The Morphe 350 palette is the latest edition to my makeup collection and was an impulse purchase after Beauty Bay announced Morphe would no longer be stocked on the site. I’ve been loving the shadows and the diversity of colours so thought I would share with you a look I’ve created using the palette.

Final look.jpg

For the look I wanted to combine an everyday natural look with something a little bit firey in the hopes that this pop of colour would be a perfect statement eye without making it a heavy evening look.

Annoyingly the Morphe 350 palette doesn’t have shade names so for each look I have numbered the shades I’ve used. Of course if you do want to recreate this look but don’t own the palette just use similar/dupe shades from a palette that you do own. Despite the fact that this look uses 8 different shades it’s actually really simple to create.

Use shades 1, 2, 3, and 4 as your transition shades. Apply them indivdually to the eye running them from the outer corner and through your crease. I used the Sigma tapered blending brush and Sigma blending brush to do this. I struggle to make both my eyes look even but honestly from a typical distance no one would notice a slight difference so the key here is to not obsess to much – something I am still learning not to do.
Transition Shades.jpgI don’t even want to talk about my eyebrows… How do they look so different from every angle?! For shade 1, 2, 3 I applied them evenly directly over the top of each other. With shade 4 I focused the colour a little higher and more concentrated on my outer corners, this gave the look the depth I was after. If you wanted to keep this a lighter look I would recommend skipping shade 4.

Next, I added the first of two shimmer shades to my lids. With shade 5, a dark red shimmer, I used my index finger to place the shade on the outer and center of my eye lid. When using dark shimmers it’s best not to take them to high over the lid as this will make your eyes look heavy. Of course this is personal preference, however this is just what I like from an eye look.
Red Shimmer.jpgHopefully you can see how I’ve applied the shimmer only below my transition shades and in across just two thirds of my eyelid. I never use shadows wet as I find it eventually ruins the pan it’s come from so instead I opt for finger application, this is completely down to personal preference. Although, if you want a shimmer shadow to be very opaque and it isn’t working with a brush try using your finger instead and I’m sure you’ll see a better result.

In the inner third of my eye I applied a golden shimmer to make the eyes look softer, this also brightens the overall look which I think is perfect for an everyday vampy look. Shade 6 was the perfect choice because the two colours have a warm undertone which means they blend together better on the eye.
Gold shimmer.jpgBesides from the fact that this picture shows off my monobrow regrowth you can also see where I’ve put down this shadow. Just as with the first shimmer I applied this only underneath the transition shades I have put down. Becuase I applied this shade using my finger, in the middle of the eye look where the two shades meet I was able to gently rub back and fourth to blend the shadows together in the middle.

Finally I applied inner corner and brow highlight using a precise rounded brush. Shade 7 is brighter than 6 which is why the entire eye look pops as a result of applying it. To make the eye look more complete I took shade 8 underneath the eye to about the center and then going back into shade 6 I did the shame from the center inwards.
7 - 8.jpgI couldn’t find a flatering angle to take this photo from… Applying shadow carefully under the eye gives a balanced eye look and will take some of the weight of off the lids. I use a thin fluffy brush to precisley apply this shade. TIP: Avoid up and down motions when applying shadow under your eye instead use horizontal sweeps to stop pigment falling into your eyeballs.
Look 1

To complete the look I added a Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in shade Bumble.

Woah, this is the first time I have ever written a step-by-step makeup tutorial so I hopw you like it! Please give me some feedback (positive or negative) to help me imporve on my next one. I’ve been putting so much effort into my Social Media lately and I’d love for you to come and follow my journey over on Instagram – @Charliestarblogs

Before you leave check out my full review on the Morphe 350 palette!


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