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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m currently in my favourite spot in the entire flat, my office. Of course this is technically a space that Haydn and I share but it’s full of my things and I spend pretty much every day in here so I’ve mostly claimed it. Anyways, seeing as this is the space I spend time blogging in I though it’d be cool to show you the space I work in.


The big pieces in the room are my desk, side drawers and chair. Everything came from Ikea but I only brought the side drawers new. The Malm desk was originally £95 but I got it second hand from Facebook Marketplace for only £60, similarly the chair was £10(maybe £15) second hand from Facebook. I think the chair is old stock so can’t be brought anymore but Ikea is really great to pick up comfy desk chairs. The side drawers will probably look familiar to a anyone who watches Youtube… these are of course the Alex 5 draws. I decided to go for 5 instead of the classic 9 because it was a cheaper option and I knew I wouldn’t need that much storage space.

Big things aside let’s move onto the proper decor of the room! I will try to link as much of this stuff as possible but not everything is new…

Before getting onto the decor, the door stop for the room is so adorable and definitely deserves it’s own shout out. We have big heavy fire doors all round the flat which make the place feel closed and quite dark, Haydn and I decided to open them up to let air flow around buy purchasing doorstops. My top choice was this cord pink pig. I just think he’s so cute! I got him from Amazon for £7.99 and although he isn’t crazy heavy with the help of the carpet he’s able to hold open the fire door.


On top of my Alex draws I keep my lipsticks and setting sprays. This acrylic storage is really usful for products like this and I’ll definitely be buying a bigger version as my collection grows.  The one I picked up also came with three draws which I loved when I didn’t have my big storage space but now they are no longer needed. BUY


This next item is something my regular readers might recognize as I use it in the backgrounds of a lot of my makeup pictures. This cute little trinket dish was a birthday present when I turned 17 but I just think it’s so cute! It’s from the brand Sass and Belle, although this is over a year old I was able to find it on Amazon Prime for under £9. The Sass and Belle actually has so many cute things so maybe a few more of them might turn up in the office. Around the trinket dish I’ve just placed a few pastel nail polishes because the colours are pretty and they look nice as a trio.


This little frame is actually a money box however I just like it as a display piece. This was from the New Look sale a few months ago for around £5. Because it was a sale item it’s no longer available but I’ve found you a cute alternative which I think would look just as sweet for under £10 on Amazon. The Disney figurines that stand either side of the frame were brought for me in 2004 on our family holiday to Florida so there is absolutely no way I could find a link to them. However, there is now a line of Disney Collectibles called Disney Traditions and there are a tonne to choose from so if this is something you are after definitely try searching for them – I know they stock them in Clintons!


The other side of my desk has a mug that is a particular favourite of mine because its FRIENDS merchandise! A good friend of mine brought me this for my birthday (he actually got me one before that but I smashed it a few months before my birthday). The replacement is much appreciated because how perfected does it fit in on my little desk and it works great as a pen pot. BUY


Whilst in America I had to pick up something from Bath & Body works hence the Bondi Beach candle that sits proudly on my desk. The scent of this is fresh, with some coconut and maybe a little bit salty like the sea air. I’ve burnt it once and really enjoyed it but now I want to saver it forever. The wax actually smells so strongly though that just leaving the lid off for a while releases the scent into the room.

The little quote sign was a moving gift from my Mum. I love little trinkets like this and know that Sass and Bell is a really great brand to pick up little homeware pieces – plus they have a really big summer sale on right now!


Along the far corner of the room I have a little book shelf which stores my fragrances, nail polishes, books and just general storage. I’m not going to go through this stuff in detail because it’s nothing particularly exciting. Eventually I want to paint these shelves white so the entire room is simplistic and clean.

Finally the windowsill. In the center I have my makeup mirror which I use everyday, ideally I’d want to sit and do my makeup with my makeup drawers next to me – but for now I can’t find a good way to make that layout work. On the left side I keep this gorgeous photo frame with one of my favourite pictures of all time – A prom picture! I picked up this frame around 2 years ago now in a New Look sale so it isn’t available from there but I found a similar option – which I actually prefer a little bit from Amazon.


In front of the frame I have a Lily Flame candle in the scent Flame. The scent is very sweet and smells like raspberry jelly sweets! I don’t burn this very often because it is quite strong so instead I’ll leave the lid off for a few hours a let the air in the room be infused with raspberry goodness!


Moving to the right side this has two gifts which I’ve been given over the last year. Firstly the Daughter quote bottle was a Christmas present from my Dad and Stepmum. Purple is my favourite colour and what’s really cool about this product is that when you turn the LED’s on they reflect out as little stars – I don’t understand how this works but it looks great! BUY HERE,


The final item to share with you all is probably one of my favourites. The little jewellery box is personalised for me and is a birthday gift from Haydn. I like having these little personal items dotted around the room because for me it makes it more homely and adds a little bit of personality.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little room tour and haul – if you did please let me know as I’ll continue to do similar for rooms around the apartment!


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Malm desk
Alex 5 draws
Cord Pig Doorstop
Lipstick Organiser
Tinket dish
Adventure Picture
Friends Mug
Daisy Frame
Lily Flame candle
Daughter quote bottle
Sass and Bell – Decor Company

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a cute office space!! The windows bring in such pretty natural light and I love how you organized your desk! All the decorations are adorable too! I don’t have an office space yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to make one in my next apartment. 💛

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