Morphe 350 Eye Look || Palette Tutorial (2)

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I am in the blogging ZONE right now! Today I’ve done a huge photo shoot so that I can put more effort into my Instagram – I’m gonna be one of the #InstaGirls with a colour scheme and pastel everything. I posted a Morphe 350 Eye Look a few days ago and wanted to do another, tutorials aren’t something I’m hugely confident with yet so I’m hoping by posting more I’ll grow from my experience.

Final edit.jpg

For this “pink to make the boys wink” eye I wanted to create something quite girly and fun that I’d personally wear as an everyday look. I know this won’t be everyone’s thing but for me this is one of my favourite looks that I’ve created regularly with a variety of different palettes.


Because the Morphe palette doesn’t have shade names I’ve simply labelled the shadows that I’ve used from 1 to 7. Of course you don’t need to own this palette to recreate the look, if you have dupes or similar shades in your own collection then pull those out and use them!

Before going into the palette I powdered my eyelids so that I have a smooth base to work on to of. Using a blending brush I took shades 1, 2, 3 and 4 into my crease and outer corner. I took each shadow individually and built up the depth slowly so that I didn’t have an explosion of colour on my eyes.
Transition shades.jpgAs usual my eyebrows are a complete state so please ignore that… These 4 shades worked well together as my transition shades because they all have the same warm, orange undertones. A tip with crease colours is that the darker they get the lower you should aim to keep them, this stops your eye from looking heavy and all the shadows will layer together more seamlessly.

Next, its time to add my lid shimmer shade – my favourite part of any eye look as this is when it all comes together!
5This pink, shimmer shade is THE MOST pigmented colour in the entire palette – even though this photo doesn’t show that off. As a general rule I always apply lid shimmer shades with my finger because it makes a more opaque look. People often think this is unhygienic but I’m the only person using my makeup so personally it’s not a problem.

To finish the look I decided to darken my outer corner, run one of my initial transition shades under my eye and pop some highlight on my brow bone and inner corner.
6.JPGI always apply shadow underneath my eye slightly if I’ve used a bolder colour on the lid so that the look is more balanced and, in my opinion, looks more complete. Tip: If you do want to highlight your inner corner and brow bone I recommend using the same shade as your cheek highlight so your whole face looks cohesive.


I decided that seeing as I was going for a “pink to make the boys wink” look it was only fitting that I applied a nude/pink lipstick to complete the look.

I actually enjoy creating pictures and writing this style of post so much so I’m really hoping you guys are liking them too. What palette would you like to see a look with next? ABH, Two Faced, Colourpop, Revolution, Wet N Wild, let me know! I’ve been putting so much effort into my Social Media lately and I’d love for you to come and follow my journey over on Instagram – @Charliestarblogs


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