Colourpop Give It To Meet Straight Eye Look || Palette Tutorial (3)

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I hope you’re doing well? As you can probably tell from my recent posts I am loving eyeshadow at the moment. In June I went to America and whilst there I picked up a few products from Coloupop, one of those being the Give It To Me Straight palette; after reviewing it previously I was excited to play around with the shadows. I figured I would share my third palette tutorial with you guys because I’m really enjoying the type of work that goes into them.

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For this look I knew I had to play around with the gorgeous purple shades in the palette because I haven’t used colours like that before. In particular the shades TMI and Candid were intriguing me the most.

Shadow.jpgThe Colourpop palette has shade names (praise the makeup Gods) which will make this a little easier but I thought I would still include my numbering layout as I think that’s the easiest way to show you what I’m using. If you do have this exact palette then here’s a key for you all; 1=Downright, 2=TMI, 3=Candid, 4=Up Front and 5=Actually.

I used a little bit of setting powder on my lids before starting the look so that I had a smooth base to work on top of. The first transition shade Candid 1 was a great choice because it has a nice warm, pink undertone which started the look off the in the way that I wanted it to continue. Rather than gradually building up the transition shades slowly, after applying shade 1 I went straight in with the plum purple TMI 2.
Transition Shades.jpgBy skipping out multiple colours when building up my transition shade I was able to keep this look simpler which means I could complete it faster making it more practical for an everyday look. P.S. I seriously need sort my eyebrow game out but I don’t know how…

Similarly, to a previous look I’ve created I wanted to blend two shimmer shadows across my lid. So to begin with I went for the darker shade and placed it in the center and outer corner of my eye lid. The shade I used, Candid 4, has a similar warm, pink undertone to the transition shades I put down which is why I think they worked together so well.
3.jpgI always apply my shimmer shadows with my fingers which I know isn’t always as precise but I think you get much more pigment from doing so. However, even with my finger I am able to ensure that the shade only sits below the transition shades I put down. It’s important to keep shimmer shadows low on the lid so that it gives a lighter overall look.

On the inner third of my eyes I used the shade Up Front 4. I again used my finger to apply this, I allowed my finger to place pigment for my inner corner and slightly under my eye; then I went back in with a more precise brush to apply the shade as a brow bone highlight. To further complete the look I took the darkest shade Actually 5 on a point ended brush to apply it directly on my eyes outer V.
4.5.jpgI am absolutely loving the how this looks so decided to leave it there. The final step was to retake some of TMI 2 under my eye to balance out the entire eye look. I think the different shades across the eyelid look so smooth and classy.

Tagged 3.jpg

I forgot to take an overall selfie after completing this look! GUTTED. But hopefully you can imagine the rest. I chose a nude/brown lipstick – Huda Beauty, Trendsetter to go with this look.

Hope you guys liked the look! I’ve been putting so much effort into my Social Media lately and I’d love for you to come and follow my journey over on Instagram – @Charliestarblogs


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Give It To Me Straight Bare in mind that this palette is super hard to get hold of in the UK… I’ve found it on Amazon for £32 which seems crazy as this usually retails for $16. But you will get free shipping and there is no risk of extra custom charges when it arrives which there could be from sites like Ulta.

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