Colourpop Yes Please Eye Look || Palette Tutorial (4)

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s another eye shadow tutorial because I’ve actually become a little bit obsessed with creating this style of post lately! I’ve been working so hard on my blog as well as my IG (@Charliestarblogs) but it’s so hard to stay motivate when my engagement/views isn’t increasing… If you have any tips or tricks for growing here on WordPress or over on IG please let me know!

Seeing as I posted my Yes Please palette review a few days ago it seemed only right to show you all a eyeshadow tutorial using the palette. This product pushes me out of my typical neutral, warm tonne comfort zone so much which actually made it quite exciting to play around with even though I applied makeup skills I use daily.

Final Tagged.jpg

When creating this look I knew I wanted to use both the bold orange shimmer and golden/yellow shimmer so I figured the perfect way to combine both is with a spotlight lid.

Shadow Numbers.jpg

As I have done in my previous tutorials I’ve numbered the shadows so that if you are planning to follow along it’s a little bit easier – plus Yes Please shadow names are printed on the back not the front which isn’t particularly useful…

Before starting any eyeshadow look you’ve got to put down a smooth base to give something your shades can blend seamlessly out to. I always use a little bit of powder or grab a skin tonned shadow from nearby. Seeing as I’d never played around with shades like this before I started with what I know best,  a neutral matte brown transition shade. I placed the shadow into my outer corner and then blended through my crease making sure the colour was even throughout as this helps to make things more even when playing with bolder colours. The second transition shade was where I changed the hue from brown to more orange/yellow by going back over my first transition shade with a strong matte yellow.

Transition shades.jpg

Finally to finish my transition shades I went in with a peachy, orange to give the look a ‘sunset’ kind of effect. When applying this shade I was careful not to take it quite as high as the previous shades so that my look flows rather than having blocks of colour.

It’s always really fun to add a shimmer shade to the lid – at least for me it’s my favourite part! The strong orange shadow I went for was perfect for the outer and inner third of my eye.


As with all my shimmers I applied this using my finger. I always go for a finger application because I find the colour looks more intense and opaque this way. After applying this I looked in the mirror and was like ‘wow that’s a bold colour’! I’ve never used a shade like this before so was a little nervous to try it out. What I think is really cool about this particular shadow is that it has little gold reflects in which I think help to make it slightly more wearable overall.

Now it was time to add even more shimmer to the look by creating a spotlight in the centre of the eye. I hadn’t used the technique with bold colours before and wasn’t even sure it would work well with two shimmers on the lid but I gave it my best shot.


I actually think this turned out okay surprisingly. Using my finger I was able to carefully place the shadow exactly where I wanted it. It is a lot of shimmer for one look but personally I don’t mind it at all. The fallout under my eye was easy to wipe away with my powder brush so no mistakes were noticeable in the end.

The next time is something I’d seen done by MUA’s but never tried myself. I wanted to use a brighter colour under my eye to bring the whole look together. To make this work I decided to go back in with the bright, yellow I used as my second transition shade.


This definitely gave the effect I was going for, it makes the whole eye look lighter. If I had used a darker shade under here I think it would have pulled my look down and made it look heavy.

The finishing touches to my look is always highlighting my inner corner and brow bone. To do this I used the same shimmer I used for my spotlight. This was to ensure the look was visually coherent.


Annnnd I’m obsessed! After highlighting I popped on some Mascara from L’Oreal and the look was complete. I am so bad a picking a lipstick to match with my eye look so let’s not judge that in the next photo…

Full Face.jpg

What do you think!! I love this look so much and am actually proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone to create something new. I think I’m going to continue eye look tutorials for a while as whenever I create one I look forward to posting the content which is pretty important for any blogger. Please come and give me some love over on Instagram (@Charliestarblogs), I’m working so hard on my content and would love to see some more growth!


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Yes Please Bare in mind that this palette is super hard to get hold of in the UK… I’ve found it on Amazon for £40 which is crazy as this usually retails for $16. But you will get free shipping and there is no risk of extra custom charges when it arrives which there could be from sites like Ulta.

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